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New products from Philips Hue

Also an app update and updated Hue Play HDMI sync box.

New lights, strips, and lamps for the Philips Hue line of smart bulbs have been announced to debut over the coming months:

  • New filament bulbs that can change color temperature (plus a new candle shape for filament bulbs)
  • Brighter options (75 watt and 100 watt equivalent) for color-temperature changing and full color versions of the standard Hue bulbs
  • A “light tube” for illuminating around your TV (it’s meant to sync the colors to what’s on screen)
  • Enhanced versions of the Signe floor and table lamps that can display multiple colors at once
  • An upgraded TV-focused lightstrip, the “Hue ambiance gradient lightstrip,” which can likewise display multiple colors at the same time
  • A new ceiling light called Infuse that can change colors and throws a bit of light up onto the ceiling

Some configurations of the brighter bulbs and filament bulbs are available now; the lightstrip and lamps coming in October, and the light tube coming and ceiling coming in January.

Signify, which makes the Hue lineup, is also releasing a Hue app update that will allow for “dynamic scenes,” which let lights continually shift colors. Later this fall, the company reportedly plans to launch a “natural light” scene. That will let users adjust their color temperature throughout the day to mimic the light of the sun, with cooler tones in the morning and warmer tones at the end of the day.

The Hue Play HDMI sync box, which syncs lights with your TV screen, is also getting an update later this fall to support 120Hz gaming (it currently supports 4K gaming at 60Hz). It will only be able to support up to 1440p resolution at that high refresh rate.

In addition to the new bulbs, Signify also announced a partnership with Spotify to sync your lights to whatever music you have playing.

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