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KMH Integration Launches Marquee Pro Streaming Solution

Brooklyn, N.Y. — KMH Integration officially unveiled its Marquee Pro streaming environment at NAB 2022. The new solution merges two key components of a remote production system: KMH’s StreamHub, an NDI streaming lab, and Versa Cast, a fully customizable and portable studio set developed by Creative Dimensions.

This new solution gives media professionals and A/V teams everything they need to produce, brand and deliver any type of pre-recorded or live online content quickly and easily, at a fraction of the costs associated with traditional studio production facilities.

Remote and virtual production workflows had been steadily increasing in recent years; the pandemic simply accelerated their adoption as organizations were forced to adapt in response to changing business environments. More professionals are increasingly turning to streaming content and remote production as a viable – and cost-effective – method for communicating, collaborating, and keeping their operations running smoothly, regardless of where people are located.

“Content producers will always have to deal with challenges, whether it’s travel restrictions, scheduling conflicts or tight budgets,” said Kevin Henneman, president of KMH Integration.

“But they still need to do the interview or get a show to air. This service provides a lot more flexibility to focus on content and branding, without having to worry about the technology or the logistics behind the scenes.”

This new solution was designed to be a turn-key “technical partnership” with customers, helping them reach their audiences cost-effectively while avoiding many of the headaches or compromises in quality resulting from “do-it-yourself” productions.

Marquee Pro is designed for rapid assembly and easy operation along with the flexibility to modify the offerings to match any client’s requirements and budget.

“Companies of all sizes are realizing they have to get their messages out in new ways,” said Joel Roy, president of Creative Dimensions. “But few have the resources or technical knowledge to effectively produce professional-quality web content or design a professional studio set without breaking the bank or straining their already stretched teams. We can work with each company to provide as little or as much support as they need, blending in with their existing workflows seamlessly.”

The streaming environment is fully NDI and Dante compliant, using standard SRT and WebRTC transport protocols. Quality-of-Service monitoring prevents the drops and latency that can disrupt an online show.

The pre-fabricated Versa Cast studio walls are plastic and aluminum panels designed for easy portability, and assembly requires no tools or power supply. The panels support acoustical treatments, and backdrops can include easily changeable custom-printed graphic overlays or a chroma key green screen.

The new solution can fit a range of content production needs, including podcasts, webcasts, internal Town Hall meetings, new product introduction videos or employee training and more. A news director or producer can work from a different location than on-set talent and produce seamless content.  News or sports interviews can take place from anywhere.

For more information, email [email protected], or call (929) 295-6347.

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