Covid Introduces a New Simple & Quick Plastic Wall Plate Solution

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Covid, Inc. has introduced a new line of plastic wall plates that offer a modular design and are a cost-effective wall plate solution. These new wall plates utilize Keystone hole cuts and are available in both single gang and decora form factor. Customers have choices when it comes to this new wall plate product. These plates come with one center Keystone hole or up to six holes on single gang, and four holes on decora. Covid offers a large selection of Keystone connectors to go along with the wall plates including HDMI, USB, Cat 6 and many more. In addition, these wall plates will work with most any standard Keystone connectors. The connectors snap quickly and easily into these plastic wall plates making this product extremely fast to install.

Covid makes the ordering process simple. The plastic wall plates and Keystone connectors are all available on the Covid website for purchase. To learn more about these or other Covid products visit or call 800.638.6104 to talk to your sales representative.