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New Subjective Tests Challenge Claimed Benefits of High-Resolution Audio

New subjective test files created by ImmersAV Technology strongly suggest that the dynamic range & bandwidth claims associated with high-res audio productions do not offer any perception benefits...

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS – MARCH 2016: New subjective test files created by ImmersAV Technology ( strongly suggest that the dynamic range and bandwidth claims associated with high-resolution audio productions do not offer any perception benefits beyond those of the standard CD.

Robert Schulein and Dr. Dan Mapes-Riordan, founding partners of ImmersAV Technology, have just released to the public three tests files that interested individuals can use to judge these claims. Details of these tests are presented at and include links to the files developed.

Initial tests during the 139th AES Convention in New York and during a presentation to the Chicago section of the AES in November 2015 suggest that individuals listening to these files with a capable playback system found no benefit in dynamic range beyond 85 dB or bandwidth beyond 20 kHz.

According to Schulein, “We welcome interested individuals to evaluate these tests and offer comments. We are not saying that there are no benefits to high-resolution audio, however they do not appear to lie in these areas. Other factors such as anti-aliasing and anti-imaging filters may however have a perceptible influence on differences heard by some. These are areas of ImmersAV’s ongoing research.”

Looking beyond the CD, Mapes-Riordan commented that, “Audio recording, editing and mastering can indeed benefit from sampling rates and bit depth beyond those of the CD due to the DSP processes used, however, once the production has been completed a standard format CD will offer the bandwidth and dynamic range needed to enjoy these aspects of the production.

Founded in 2010 ImmersAV™ Technology began with the goal of providing consumers with a “You Are There” immersive entertainment experience using innovative microphone production and signal processing techniques. These techniques use patented microphone technology and proprietary ImmersAV Crosstalk Cancellation (CTC) filters.

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