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NuVision® Adds New FX5 120Hz Models to Full Lucidium Series 1080p Deep Black™ LCD Flat Panels Lineup

Scottsdale, Ariz., August 7, 2008 – NuVisionA® U.S. Inc., a Scottsdale, Ariz.-based manufacturer of high performance 1080p Deep Blackâ„¢ LCD displays, is proud to announce it will feature three new models within its complete lineup of acclaimed Lucidium Series Deep Black LCD HDTVs at the 2008 CEDIA Expo, held in Denver from Sept. 4-7 at the Colorado Convention Center, booth 950. The 42-, 47, and 52-inch “FX5 120Hz”? models will join the Lucidium Series lineup of 22-, 26-, 32-, 37-, 42-, 47-, 52, and 65-inch models, which are now all shipping. The new FX models are scheduled to ship Q4 ‘08.

“FX5 technology is NuVision’s 120Hz addition to the Lucidium lineup,”? said Scott Deley, NuVision CEO. “ ‘Film Times Five’ takes the native film rate of 24fps times five with our exclusive Frame Forward Motion technology to produce seamless motion at 120Hz, thereby eliminating artifacts associated with 3:2 pulldown. FX5 will also offer a film purist mode that repeats each frame five times thereby creating a true film-like experience.”?

The new Lucidium FX5 models include (pricing is TBD):

NVU42FX5 – 42-inch FX5 True 120Hz Deep Black LCD HDTV

NVU47FX5 – 47-inch FX5 True 120Hz Deep Black LCD HDTV

NVU52FX5 – 52-inch FX5 True 120Hz Deep Black LCD HDTV

NuVision is also announcing that the full original Lucidium lineup is now shipping.

“The 52- , 47- , and 42-inch Lucidium models have already gained great media, dealer, and consumer accolades,”? Deley continued. “The remaining screens in 22-inch to 37-inch sizes round out this diverse line of models and have already been accepted as the best HDTVs in both performance and variety in the marketplace today. NuVision takes the lead in executing its strategy of offering a complete whole-home 1080p video solution, and our new Lucidium line offers the whole package. From the living room to the bedroom to the bathroom, NuVision offers the same look, feel and performance throughout the home with a multitude of screen sizes to choose from, each with unmatched performance”?

The Lucidium Deep Black LCD HDTV models include:

• Lucidium FX5 Series Deep Black 52, 47- and 42-inch 120Hz 1080p LCD Displays Incorporating NuColor x.v. full 10-bit color path, NiDO IV Image processing, Deep Black 1920×1080 DCS LCD (Deep Color Spectrum) LCD panel, DSDB (Digital Switching Deep Black system), 3x HDMI 1.3 inputs, wrapped in sleek new cabinets with Narrow frame and slim mounting depths. Utilizing NuVision’s FX5 and FFM 120Hz processing.

• Lucidium DCM Series Deep Black 52, 47 and 42-inch 1080p LCD Displays Incorporating NiDO III Image processing, Deep Black 1920×1080 DCS LCD (Deep Color Spectrum) LCD panel, DSDB (Digital Switching Deep Black system), 2x HDMI 1.3 inputs, wrapped in Narrow frame cabinets and slim mounting depths.

• An astonishing 65-inch Lucidium HDN Deep Black 1080p LCD HDTV utilizing Silicon Optix HQV image processing, Deep Black 65-inch 1920×1080 DCS (Deep Color Spectrum) LCD panel, 4-D noise reduction, dual ATSC tuners, all wrapped in a sleek all black Narrow frame aluminum bezel.

• Lucidium Series Deep Black 37-inch 1080p LCD HDTV Incorporating NiDO II Image processing, Deep Black 1920×1080 DCS (Deep Color Spectrum) LCD panel, DSDB (Digital Switching Deep Black system), and 3x HDMI 1.3 inputs (1 side, 2 rear) wrapped in a sleek new under speaker cabinet.

• Lucidium Series Deep Black 32- and 26-inch 1080p capable LCD HDTVs incorporating NiDO II Image processing, Deep Black LCD panel, DSDB (Digital Switching Deep Black system), and 3x HDMI 1.3 inputs (1 side, 2 rear), wrapped in sleek new cabinets.

• Lucidium Series Deep Black 22-inch 1080p capable LCD HDTV incorporating NiDO II Image processing, Deep Black LCD panel, DSDB (Digital Switching Deep Black system), and 2x HDMI 1.3 inputs, in sleek new cabinet.

All new technologies incorporated into the new Lucidium lineup include:

Frame Forward Motion. NuVision Deep Black LCD panels feature extremely fast response times, as low as 5ms. FFM takes this a step further by creating additional interpolated frames, creating breathtakingly clear fast motion sports and action.

Film Times Five. Hollywood film has always been photographed at a rate of 24 frames per second. Most HDTV’s display video at 60 frames per second. When 24fps material is displayed, a mathematical algorithm (3:2 pulldown) is usually required to smooth out the jittery motion that occurs when the camera pans from side-to side. FX5 technology eliminates the need for complex mathematical algorithms by simply displaying each film frame 5 times on the display – creating an effective rate of 120 frames per second. A perfect multiple creates a perfect picture every time.

• Digital Switching Deep Black. NuVision DSDB dynamically adjusts the LCD backlight according to the material being displayed. This technology, in conjunction with NuVision Deep Black LCD panels, results incredible depth of field and effective contrast ratios up to 15,000:1

• Deep Color Spectrum. Select NuVision Deep Black LCD panels feature DCS technology which widens the color gamut of the LCD panel to expand the LCD color space. The result is brilliantly lifelike color – with colors you may have never seen before when displaying familiar content.

• NuColor x.v. NuVision creates the ultimate in wide x.v. color space, by providing a true end-to-end 10 bit signal path, incorporating DCS spectrum, and HDMI 1.3 NuVision creates breathtakingly lifelike color with the ability to recreate over 1.07 Billion unique colors.

• NuControl. NuVision understands the needs of custom integrators. Every NuVision set from 22- 65-inch model includes our exclusive NuControl port. NuControl offers bi-directional RS232 protocol, in addition to IR pass-thru to control other devices, and IR input to control the TV. With NuVision you’ll never look at an ugly IR emitter or receiver again – simply plug into NuControl with our range of NuWire IR distribution accessories and create an instant IR control network. No power supply to plug in, and no wires to cut, NuControl makes custom integration easy.

“Also available for the Lucidium line is the NuWire MultiView NCMVIR46 High Definition Amplified Cat-5 Distribution and Control Module, which is made specifically for use with NuVision branded televisions and monitors,”? added Deley. “It combines component over Cat-5 and with control for all NuVision displays, and can control four high-definition source devices. The MultiView NCMVIR46 can learn and store IR command for source devices and includes discrete display commands, discrete source selection commands, and play all command (Super Bowl mode).”?

The NuWire MultiView NCMVIR46 will allow IR to be passed-through from the front of any NuVision display to control any high-definition source up to 1,500 feet away, and any other IR controlled device including lighting or motorized window treatment. Simply connect the CAT5 cable from the MultiView NCMVIR46 to any NuVision display with a NuWireA® RJ45 connection for plug-n-play HD distribution and control.

“Lucidium is the next generation of high performance LCD HDTVs with integrated technologies that simplify and expedite installation,”? explained Mike Aiken, NuVision Director of Product Development. “Based upon the principles of our outstanding first generation Deep Blackâ„¢ LCD HDTVs, the Lucidium series builds upon those performance and technological parameters to create an HDTV line second-to-none, with numerous sizes and functionality choices.”?

NuVision TVs are backed by a two-year warranty which covers parts, labor and the LCD. To ensure consumers receive the best support with the best home set-up and installation options, NuVision products are sold and warranted only through a network of NuVision authorized specialty retailers.

Specs and pricing subject to change without notice. For more info on NuVision products or to find a NuVision dealer, please visit

or call 800-605-8022.

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