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NuVision® Launches New High-Definition Amplified Cat-5 Distribution and Control System

Scottsdale, Ariz., Aug. 28, 2008 – NuVisionA® U.S. Inc., a Scottsdale, Ariz.-based manufacturer of high performance 1080p Deep Blackâ„¢ LCD displays, is proud to announce it will showcase its new MultiView NCMVIR46 High-Definition Amplified Cat-5 Distribution and Control System at the 2008 CEDIA Expo, held in Denver from Sept. 4-7 at the Colorado Convention Center, booth 950. The NCMVIR46 is a six zone, four high-definition source amplified distribution, matrix, and control system scheduled to ship Q1 ‘09.

“Traditionally, integrators have had to purchase displays, set up pass-through systems for control, and purchase and set-up control processors that could handle each of the displays individually,”? explained Scott Deley, NuVision CEO. “This complex process can add substantial cost to an installation and add time and complexity.”?

The NCMVIR46 was designed to simplify video distribution for integrators, providing a matrix switch solution which was pre-integrated with NuVision displays, and with the ability to store discrete source commands. The complete design means that integrators can now tie their control system into one box to have control of any display and any source, dramatically simplifying control programming and reducing installation time.

“Now, NuVision provides a complete custom video install solution from the display back to the source,”? Deley continued. “The NCMVIR46 is part of making things easier for our dealers as it simplifies installation by delivering HD component video over Cat-5 with built-in control for all NuVision displays, and can control four high-definition source devices.”?

Additional features of the NCMVIR46 High Definition Amplified Distribution and Control System include:

• Six (6) NuWireA® Display connections (RJ45) up to 1,000 foot runs

• Four (4) HD Source Component Inputs

• Four (4) Buffered HD Source Component Pass-Through Outputs

• Four (4) Discrete HD Source NuControlA® Infrared Output Ports

• Four (4) Discrete NuControlA® Infrared Input Ports

• Two (2) RS-232 NuControlA® Communication Ports (Crestron/AMX)

• One (1) HD Source Component Monitor Output

• One (1) Common NuControlA® Infrared Output Port

• One (1) Common NuControlA® Infrared Input Port

• Expandable up to six displays

• Pricing: TBD

“NCMVIR46 can learn and store IR command for source devices and includes discrete display commands, discrete source selection commands, and play all command (Super Bowl mode),”? added Deley. “The NCMVIR46 will allow IR to be passed-through from the front of any NuVision display to control any high-definition source up to 1,000 feet away, and any other IR controlled device including lighting or motorized window treatment. Simply connect the Cat-5 cable from the NCMVIR46 to any NuVision display with a NuWireA® RJ45 connection for plug-n-play HD distribution and control.”?

In addition to the NCMVIR46, NuVision announces the NCMWIRC MultiView Video Port. The NCMWIRC is a single-gang wall plate that contains active electronics for access to component, S-video, composite video, or S/PDIF signals distributed from the NCMVIR46. The NCMWIRC features both an IR Receiver input and IR Emitter output connectors and includes an IR Receiver.

The NCMWIRC video port ships with five Cable Length Compensation (CLC) cards. Each CLC card is designed to attenuate the video signal over various Cat-5 cable lengths from the NCMVIR46. After choosing the appropriate CLC card (50ft., 250ft., 500ft., 750ft., or 1,000ft), insert it into the Video Port before installation to optimize the quality of the video signal over that run. MultiView can be used as a stand alone video distribution system or integrated with other control systems via RS-232 or IR.

Specs and pricing subject to change without notice.

For more info on NuVision products or to find a NuVision dealer, please visit

or call 800-605-8022.

About NuVision

NuVisionA® US Inc. is a world class engineering and product development firm dedicated to developing superior performing products and brands that are marketed worldwide under the NuVisionA®, NuWireA®, NuPowerA® brand names. The diverse NuVision model line-up has already been accepted as the best HDTVs in both performance and variety in the marketplace today. NuVision takes the lead in executing its strategy of offering a complete whole-home 1080p video solution. From the boardroom to the living room to the bedroom to the bathroom, NuVision offers the same look, feel and performance throughout the home and office with a multitude of screen sizes to choose from, each with unmatched performance.

NuVision markets its products through select dealers within the CEDIA custom install channel, insuring that customers not only get the best products available in the marketplace, but that they also receive superior customer service from both NuVision and its partners alike. NuVision is located in Scottsdale, Arizona. To learn more visit


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