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NYC’s Largest Latin Restaurant Gets Big Sound with FBT

At 22,000 square feet, La Casa Del Mofongo 207 - a restaurant, take-out bar, bakery, piano bar and Latin/Asian fusion sushi bar - is an FBT megaproject in the Washington Heights section of Manhattan.

La Casa Del Mofongo 207 is making a big impression in the Washington Heights section of Manhattan – and at 22,000 square feet, the restaurant and club is also making a huge sound. Kenny Fiesta, owner of Kenny Fiesta Entertainment and president of 32 Pins, chose FBT for every area in the complex, which includes a dining area, nightclub/lounge, take-out bar, bakery, piano bar, and even a Latin/Asian fusion sushi bar. The 22,000 square-foot megaproject is currently the largest Latin restaurant – and the largest installation of FBT – in New York City.

While La Casa Del Mofongo’s décor has an understated tropical quality, the music they play is quite the opposite. Salsa, merengue and bachata are featured in every room, but since each area had different requirements, Fiesta new that he needed a versatile system. While the dining room and ordering areas called for crystal clear salsa, merengue and bachata that would be heard by diners but not overpower their conversation, the lounge needed a powerhouse system that would support DJs who like it loud – and to please the bar crowd and dancers who like it that way.

For the dining area, Fiesta started with eighteen Ventis 110s and two subline 218s. However, when the soundproof wall that separates the restaurant and piano bar is removed for larger events, four line arrays are added to the mix (each with three Muse 210s) and four more subline 218s. For the sushi bar, bakery and remaining areas, he used multiple J8 speakers with U-brackets.

At times, multiple events are being hosted (both private and public) at the same time guests are dining in the main dining room. This added its own challenge to the massive job.

“One of the reasons we went with the Ventis 110 model was because of the coverage and the advantage of the rotatable horns,” said Fiesta. “They were perfect for the large space and for pointing the sound exactly where we needed it to go – and keeping it from areas where we didn’t want it.”

The veteran integrator and sound designer said he never considered any other brand for the job.

“I chose FBT because of the sound quality and versatility,” said Fiesta. “The coverage and clarity are amazing, right out of the box. We have a pretty big processer at La Casa Del Mofongo, with 16 inputs and 16 outputs, and the sound was so good that I’m not using EQs or crossovers because I don’t need them.”

And even at high decibels DJs like to hit, Fiesta says the brand never loses its quality or clarity.

“The place has been packed since it opened in late April,” Fiesta added. “Honestly, it’s because of the great food; everything the restaurant has added to the community, including 215 jobs and great exposure to Dominican culture; and because they play really great music that sounds even better because of an outstanding sound system.”

32 Pins is a production company, providing audio/visual design and installation services throughout the tri-state area. For more information about 32 Pins or Kenny Fiesta Entertainment, Fiesta’s event production company, visit his Instagram page (@32pins) or call 201.566.8600. 

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