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OSA International Increases Lighting Rental Inventory with New Ayrton Eurus and Additional Ayrton Diablo Fixtures

OSA International, Inc., which delivers world-class entertainment technology, event production and systems integration from its base in Las Vegas, has added large complements of Ayrton Eurus and Diablo lighting fixtures to its rental inventory servicing its Las Vegas and Nashville offices.  ACT Entertainment is the exclusive distributor of Ayrton lighting in North America.

The purchase is the one of the first Eurus buys in the US. Mark Fetto has a long history as an early Ayrton proponent including the purchase of a compliment of Diablos for OSA International in February of 2020.  Fetto, who is OSA International’s VP Lighting and General Manager of the Las Vegas office, was brought on board about three years ago to build the company’s new lighting division.

“We’ve steadily been growing our inventory of fixtures and, as part of that, ACT demo’d the new Eurus for us,” says Fetto.  “I liked how durable the fixture looked and felt, and its output was outstanding for a 650 W fixture.  We were looking for new robust fixtures for our touring clients, and Eurus supported our existing inventory very well.”

Eurus S is a multi-function profile luminaire especially designed for stage applications.  It is equipped with a new 650 W ultra-compact monochromatic LED emitter calibrated at 8200 K and can deliver metallic white light with an output of 36,000 lumens at a color temperature of 6700 K.  Eurus includes a subtractive CMY color mixing system combined with a variable CTO and seven-position complementary color wheel for displaying an infinite palette of vivid saturated colors and pastels.

The Eurus fixtures were bought with Korn’s 2022 summer tour in mind.  “They weren’t spec’d by the lighting designer, Thomas “Church” Christmann, but we wanted to supply fixtures that would stand up to eight weeks on the road – and they never swapped out a light,” Fetto reports.  “The Eurus were mounted in GT truss, held up great and looked fantastic.”

Eurus were subsequently used for a State Farm insurance corporate event and performed well in that environment, too.  “They are really bright and have all the bells and whistles needed for corporate events,” Fetto points out.  “The lighting designers who have worked with Eurus have been extremely happy with its performance.”

OSA International also doubled the size of its large inventory of Diablos, Ayrton’s feature-rich 300 W profile luminaire based on the ultra-compact Mistral format.  “We put them on almost every corporate event we do, so we needed to stock more units,” says Fetto.  “Their light weight and high output is especially important when there are weight limitations in ballrooms, and their great color mixing and Ayrton reliability make Diablo an excellent addition to our inventory.”

He notes that Diablo fits a wide range of projects beyond corporate events, citing tours for the legendary Paul Anka, a variety of BMI music events serviced by the Nashville office, as well as lighting the basketball court for the NBA’s upcoming G League Winter Showcase in Las Vegas.

“As OSA International’s lighting division continues to grow, we will be adding more Ayrton products to our inventory,” Fetto reports.  “Our ACT rep, Eric Abad, has been great about showing us new fixtures and was instrumental in obtaining more Eurus units from Europe to meet the demand from the Korn tour.”

“It’s been a pleasure working with OSA and Mark on their Ayrton investments.  They saw the quality and value in Ayrton fixtures–and the reliability that brings.   It’s easy to get lost in the spec sheets, but Mark sees what a fixture brings to the table for his clients and his company, which is really all you can ask for,” concludes Eric Abad, Western Regional sales for ACT Entertainment.

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