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Outdoor Televisions from SunBriteTV Give Amusement Park Guests A Thrilling Experience

Amusement parks attract customers by creating a compelling guest experience that is exciting and unique but often quite complex to manage. Thrilling rides, affordable admission rates, appetizing refreshments, reasonable wait times, and general aesthetic all contribute to the overall guest experience. Most parks operate all year and the grounds require constant maintenance to remain intact.

Televisions are an incredibly useful tool for amusement park owners to display menus, show wait times, provide information about rides, and display photos for customers to purchase. This often proves challenging as most amusement parks are open rain or shine and standard indoor televisions are not equipped to handle direct sunlight and outdoor weather conditions. SunBriteTV, the industry leader in outdoor displays, offers the Signature Series and the Pro Series designed to perform under partial-sun and full-sun respectively, making it ideal for use at outdoor amusement parks.

“Amusement park owners have their hands full managing facilities and keeping the park open throughout the year. The last thing they want is to have to worry about if their displays will work on a given day,” says Jonathan Johnson, General Manager of SunBriteTV. “SunBriteTV displays are engineered specifically for outdoor use, so park owners have one less concern knowing their televisions will hold up in all weather conditions after a simple, one-time installation. Patrons will notice the difference too as SunBriteTV displays are much brighter than many indoor models and present a clear image from any angle, which helps to enhance the overall amusement park experience.”

The SunBriteTV Signature Series is engineered for partial-sun exposure and features a direct LED-backlit screen with TruVision Anti-Glare technology and 4K UHD resolution that is up to three times brighter than most standard indoor televisions. The Pro Series is built for full-sun exposure and has the durability to withstand treacherous outdoor conditions. The Pro Series features the same brightness capabilities as

the Signature Series and offers a protective tempered glass shield with a heat-resistant 1080p full HD screen.

The SunBriteTV Signature Series and Pro Series are protected with a powder-coated aluminum exterior against rain, snow, salt air, and insects. Both models can operate in extreme temperatures up to 122° F and can endure long-term inclement weather.  All televisions from SunBriteTV are protected with an on-site warranty that’s valid for outdoor use and gives amusement park owners and managers peace of mind for safe, high-performance outdoor entertainment.

Elevate the outdoor amusement park patron experience with the Signature Series and Pro Series from SunBriteTV.

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