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Oxygen DCT Introduces A New Low Cost Monitor With Integrated “Quad Split‘ For Galleries And Control Rooms

Oxygen DCT, which is renowned for its expertise in picture monitoring solutions, has launched an outstanding new monitor with integrated quad split that dramatically reduces the cost of building galleries, control rooms and monitor walls. This evolutionary new monitor is more affordable than the traditional approach of using a quad split and a separate monitor and costs 40% less than the alternative of using two dual rack monitors.

The OxMVM230 is a high performance 23”? broadcast monitor with an integrated multiviewer for displaying up to four separate signals at full High Definition resolution. This versatile monitor allows users to tailor the display to their own operational requirements for programme production, channel branding, galleries, studios and engineering monitoring. It is also ideally suited to DSNGs and OBs where space and weight are at a premium and where its integrated approach reduces installation time and costs.

At the core of the product is a full 1920×1080 resolution IPS LCD panel with ultra wide viewing angles, with LED backlight and 1000:1 contrast ratio for greater detail. This high quality IPS LCD panel gives a true viewing angle of 178 degrees without brightness or colour shift problems associated with standard TN type LCD panels. Whilst the price is remarkably competitive, quality is a hall mark throughout the OMVM230 which uses 10-bit digital processing technology, a 3D comb filter for analogue signals, a PSE precision scaling engine and AGCT technology for automatic Gamma correction and colour temperature management, resulting in sharp, natural, accurate true colour images. Subtleties in design are a reflection of the pedigree of this monitor and exemplified by the smooth, flat fronted design with surface mounted tactile buttons which helps to make it particularly well suited to use in monitor walls and galleries.

The OMVM230 caters for both analogue and digital video signals as well as computer signals, supporting HDMI/DVI-D, 3G/HD-SDI/SD-SDI, composite inputs with looping digital video outputs. Any combination of these signals can be used and the DMP display mode processor has preset screen templates that include a single full screen image, a quad split screen, a single full screen picture and three small pictures, all of which can be triggered from a general purpose interface. There’s also a HDMI/DVI-D output which allows the screen layout to be monitored on another display such as a large monitor or smaller confidence monitor or PC.

The OMVM230 provides full signal monitoring with a waveform, vectorscope, audio de-embedding, audio monitoring, audio meter display and time code. There are four analogue stereo audio monitoring outputs for monitoring de-embedded audio or line level input audio. The monitor has useful additional facilities such as preset and user adjustable safe area and safe title markers, ident text and a full UMD under monitor display with interfacing to TSL’s UMD protocol.

The OMVM230 is an innovative, evolutionary monitor which address traditional signal monitoring workflow in a more affordable, compact form factor with market leading functionality, range of facilities, high quality pictures and wide viewing angles.


About Oxygen DCT:

Oxygen DCT is a broadcasts systems solutions provider with a deep knowledge and understanding of the broadcast and professional media markets. This dynamic organisation has amassed in just over five years, a very extensive and comprehensive products portfolio of over 3000 carefully designed broadcast and production products that represent the pinnacle of engineering excellence. Oxygen DCT was the first company in the broadcast industry to fully implement online facilities for its customers and its unique, comprehensive online ordering facility automatically configures equipment systems for customers, saving time and provides industry professionals with the convenience of immediate online pricing. The ‘one-stop-shop’ website caters for the smallest requirements whilst also allowing users to prepare their own quotes and place orders online with immediate order confirmation. Oxygen DCT also provides advice, support and expertise as part of its ‘life cycle’ care scheme, ensuring that customers are fully serviced throughout their career life cycles.

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