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Panasonic and Sennheiser introduce voice-based PTZ camera system

Panasonic's new PTZ camera solution with voice-based camera tracking uses Sennheiser mics to automatically switch the camera’s focus between different speakers

Panasonic has released a new PTZ camera solution that uses Sennheiser microphones to automatically detect and switch focus between individual speakers on video calls, meetings, and conferences.

The solution pairs together Panasonic’s PTZ cameras and Sennheiser’s TeamConnect Ceiling 2 Microphones (left) which can be centrally managed over a network, with intelligent motion tracking meaning the system can use both motion and audio-based tracking to identify – and thereafter switch focus to – individual participants on a collaborative video call.

The system is targeted for use in any setting where multiple participants are collaborating from shared spaces, such as online meetings (where a conference room is being used with multiple active participants), virtual conferences, training courses, online lectures, etc.

Panasonic said that the system is already in use at its own Business Solution Centre Europe (BSC) with a media control system from Crestron, but that other comparable control systems can also be used.

“There’s currently a huge need for high-quality and automated AV formats. Board members and politicians are reliant on online formats at employee meetings and press conferences and schools and universities are teaching digitally,” said Guilhem Krier, Panasonic’s head of new business and market development at MEBD & DSC Business Units. “The audio-based control of our PTZ cameras increases the level of automation and makes handling more convenient. Both are a huge advantage.”

“Companies and organisations are setting up more and more rooms specifically for online conferences,” explains Marco Schulz, Sales Engineering Manager at Panasonic. “The advantages of high-quality AV sessions will also influence our lives in the future. Experts are talking about new hybrid solutions, in other words, the permanent switch between in-person conferences and online meetings.”

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