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Spitfire Creative Technologies Announces Acquisition of Green Hippo Ltd and Green Hippo Media Technology Inc.

October 2018, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. Spitfire Creative Technologies announced today the completion of the acquisition of Green Hippo, a developer and manufacturer of award-winning media servers and digital display products with offices in the UK and the US. The strategic move further expands Spitfire’s reach across commercial integration, live events and creative video technology.

Emma Marlow, CEO of Green Hippo said, “For 18 years Green Hippo and Hippotizer have been part of live events around the world. We have grown well and want to continue growing. Becoming a member of the Spitfire family allows Green Hippo to focus on growing further and faster. We look forward to their strong organizational support so we can do more to help our customers and users around the world deliver the best live video experiences.”

Spitfire also owns tvONE and Magenta Research, well-known manufacturers of premium video processing and signal distribution products. With complimentary technologies, all addressing cutting-edge audio and video, the combined companies will better address a wide range of markets globally from broadcast to large venue entertainment. “Green Hippo and tvONE each have core competencies in technology and customer focus that, when combined, provide superior solutions for both fixed installation and live events customers,” said Denise Nemchev, President and CEO of tvONE. “Most important is the comprehensive value we bring our customers across the combined platform.” The companies will continue to go to market with sales, branding, and distribution independently as further growth synergies materialize over the next few quarters.

Green Hippo is the leading developer and manufacturer of extremely powerful Media Servers, used for creating and delivering mind-blowing video presentations on a very large scale. The flagship Hippotizer product line drives stunning presentations in diverse venues worldwide, such as theme parks, cruise ships, stadiums, and other live events like the Oscars and Super Bowl Halftime shows, where visuals are critical to the experience.

tvONE has been a leading AV technology innovator for more than 35 years, serving the commercial integration market with best-in-class CORIO and Magenta solutions for window processing, scaling, signal extension and routing. They also produce custom solutions for top medical and commercial brands. tvONE solutions are found in a wide range of video applications including sports venues, operating rooms and an infinite range of commercial AV installations from corporate boardrooms to TV broadcast studios.

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