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Pebble Powers OTT Headend New Facility in Saudi Arabia for Intigral

Pebble, the leading automation, content management, and integrated channel specialist, has been engaged to design, supply and build its playout solutions for a new headend facility for leading Saudi digital entertainment company Intigral. The facility will combine Pebble Automation, Integrated Channel, and Pebble Remote for multichannel ingest, content management and playout.

Intigral, a leading provider of digital entertainment and sports in the MENA region and a subsidiary of stc, has partnered with Pebble since 2012. After winning a competitive tender for the contract, Pebble completed a technical evaluation for the new site taking into account Intigral’s desire to maintain the continuity of their workflows.

At the core of the new system is Pebble’s scalable software-defined Integrated Channel. This provides audio, video and graphics functionality in a compact, cost-effective format to meet Intigral’s ingest, channel branding, and frame-accurate multi-channel playout requirements.

The solutions incorporate the latest NDI standard inputs and outputs for video and audio monitoring, in addition to Advanced SCTE Insertion for AD Replacement and monetization.

Multiple HD and SD feeds will ingest directly into shared storage for live recording and playout. Enterprise-level automation will ensure continuity on air with robust and fully redundant content monitoring and management. Web-based monitoring, management and control across the new automated environment will be provided via Pebble Remote. Another customer requirement is the restoration of multilingual subtitle files, a process enabled by Pebble’s automated workflow solutions. Delivery of this solution is scheduled for later this year.

Eyad Al Dwaik, Director of Engineering Operations at Intigral said, “Intigral is dedicated to delivering exceptional digital entertainment experiences and seeks to proactively innovate to continue to thrive in this space. Working with innovative partners like Pebble over the last decade has empowered us to enhance our home-grown channel generation capabilities and create high-value experiences for our audiences across the region. Today, we are delighted to be extending this collaboration to design and implement ingest and playout for our new OTT head-end facility which we are looking forward to going live with later in the year.”

Samir Isbaih, VP Sales for Middle East and APAC at Pebble says, “Pebble is dedicated to delivering top-tier solutions for our clients and we were delighted to work with Intigral – part of stc Group – on this major new project. The new OTT headend facility features a uniquely flexible channel pipeline design for ingest, monitoring and management of multiple feeds and multiple file formats. Broadcasters and service providers worldwide entrust the automation of their playout operations to Pebble because our proven solutions offer our customers the confidence that we can launch their channels to air reliably.”

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