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Peerless-AV® Introduces Custom Mounting Solutions for the Samsung Flip

AURORA, Ill. – July 26, 2018 – Peerless-AV, an award-winning designer and manufacturer of the highest quality custom audio and video solutions and accessories, is pleased to introduce the new Rotational Wall Mount (RMI3-FLIP) and Mobile Cart with Rotational Interface (SR560-FLIP) for the 55″ Samsung Flip display.

The latest additions to Peerless-AV’s range of AV solutions, the RMI3-FLIP and SR560-FLIP are dedicated solutions created for the 55″ Samsung Flip, an interactive UHD display. With these solutions, the Samsung Flip can be mounted on a wall or mobile cart, providing users with the flexibility to best meet their needs. Once the display is mounted, the negative tilt and simple rotation allows users to easily write or sketch in landscape or portrait orientation.

“Organizations today are seeking technology that promotes interactivity and collaboration among employees, and they are increasingly moving towards solutions such as the Samsung Flip,” said Joseph Wentworth, Product Manager, Peerless-AV. “We are excited to offer custom-designed carts and mounts for the 55″ Samsung Flip, as our solutions ease installation, provide a clean and aesthetically-pleasing finished design, and improve overall usability.”

Peerless-AV’s new solutions have been designed to support the features and functionality of the 55″ Samsung Flip display. The rotational interface on both the wall mount and cart allows the user to easily rotate the display 90° from landscape to portrait, and holds the display at a negative 4.5°, further promoting ergonomics with a more natural angled writing surface. The unique cable management system allows cables to be routed through the interface, which keeps the cabling safe and abrasion free when rotating the display.

Featuring mobility, an appealing design, display height adjustment, and a pre-assembled base, the Mobile Cart with Rotational Interface ensures quick assembly, while providing a rigid, but attractive structure to match the display. The 4″ castors meet UL/CUL requirements and make it easy to move from room-to-room, ensuring nothing is damaged along the way.

With a robust feature set focused on safety and durability, the Rotational Wall Mount and Mobile Cart with Rotational Interface are ideal for collaboration spaces in corporate settings.

The new Rotational Wall Mount and Mobile Cart with Rotational Interface are available now through Peerless-AV direct sales representatives and authorized distribution networks.

For more information about Peerless-AV’s custom-designed solutions for the 55″ Samsung Flip, please visit the product pages for the Rotational Wall Mount (RMI3-FLIP) and Mobile Cart with Rotational Interface (SR560-FLIP).

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