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Perfect Path by PPC CEDIA EXPO 2010 Preview

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In the A/V industry, constant changes in technology, customer demands, and a turbulent economic climate provide challenges that seem to change every day. Meet a new brand with fresh innovative solutions from a company dedicated to solving consumer problems and delivering the ultimate experience: Perfect Path(TM) by PPC(R). PPC, the worldwide leader in connective technology, believes that solution-based thinking is the only way to succeed in today’s world. Solution-based innovation is what consumers demand, and PPC believes that innovation is vital to creating products and services that enhance the consumer experience. Perfect Path takes the professional-grade products used by major broadband and satellite providers and puts them in the hands of the consumer.

At CEDIA EXPO 2010, Perfect Path by PPC will present several innovative solutions built to save installers time and money, while offering consumers the best A/V experience possible. For live events, the company’s new PRO(TM) connectors and cables eliminate the time and hassle of soldering in the field. Perfect Path’s patented Locking HDMI and RCA cables prevent loosening at the port, reducing service calls and truck rolls for installers, while saving customers the headache of compromised audio and video quality. Perfect Flex(TM) broadband coaxial cables are future-proof solutions that eliminate the need to rerun cable as data rates change. These cost-saving products feature maximum performance and reliability driven by decades of innovation, product research, patent development, and customer commitment.

NEW! PPC(R) PRO(TM) Connectors and Cables — Combines Renowned PPC Quality With Optimal Flexibility for Live Events, Studio, and Commercial Installations

At CEDIA EXPO 2010, PPC(R) will unveil its new PPC PRO(TM) line of connectors and cables. Designed to provide flexibility for A/V professionals at live events, in the studio, and for commercial installations, PPC’s latest offering features compression connectors for XLR; A¼-inch mono and A¼-inch stereo/balanced connectors; as well as RCA, BNC, and F-type connectors, allowing for solderless, customized cable lengths suited to every run and every venue. In addition, the PPC PRO lineup will include all-new, specially designed cables and installation tools for use with PPC PRO connectors, making a perfect system for perfect sound.

Perfect Path(TM) PerfectLock(TM) Locking HDMI Cable — Superior High-Quality Performance With PerfectLock(TM) Connectors

The patented, industry-first Perfect Path(TM) PerfectLock(TM) locking HDMI cable grips a port with ten times the strength of conventional connectors for more than 25 pounds of retention. Delivering top-quality 1080p HDTV video and Dolby(R) Digital DTS-HD Master Audio and Dolby TrueHD audio, the cable features unsurpassed reliability with the distinctive strength and flexibility afforded by Perfect Path’s Perfect Flex(TM) jacket. Additionally, supporting in-wall use, PerfectLock features PerfectLink(TM) technology to maintain signal continuity and eliminate pixel loss/distortion for lengths more than 40 feet. The cable is HDMI 1.4 compliant, offers future-proof support for 3D TV and 4K x 2K resolution, and includes Ethernet Channel support, providing high-speed bidirectional communication for all connected devices, thus reducing the need for a separate Ethernet cable.

Perfect Path(TM) RCA Locking Cable

At CEDIA EXPO 2010, PPC(R) will showcase the Perfect Path(TM) RCA Locking Cable, built to eliminate the problem of loose RCA cables. PPC’s locking RCA connector features a unique design that allows the outer body to turn. When turned clockwise, an active wedge inside the connector causes the outer ground shield to lock down on the port for increased retention. This allows for a secure connection on RCA ports of any size with only a quarter turn. Further, the locking RCA connector eliminates the need for soldering, making it easily removable by turning it counterclockwise, and also offers true 75-ohm performance through the port. The connector features a rugged construction from all-brass components and high-end plating.

Perfect Path(TM) Perfect Flex(TM) Line of Broadband Coaxial Cables — Superior Electrical Performance, Micro-Crack Resistant

The Perfect Flex(TM) line of broadband coaxial cables incorporates Perfect Path(TM)’s and PPC(R)’s extensive knowledge of the cable industry into a cost-effective, high-performance line of coaxial cable products. A future-ready solution, the Perfect Flex coaxial cable offers electrical performance of up to 3 GHz to accommodate the data transfer rate demands of today and tomorrow with ease. For high reliability and lasting quality, the Perfect Flex line features micro-crack resistance with superior flexibility and advanced corrosion inhibitors. Also, to promote greener pro A/V installations, Perfect Path’s coaxial cables utilize the latest eco-friendly manufacturing processes.

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About Perfect Path(TM) by PPC

Perfect Path(TM) offers the custom installation, retail, and pro A/V markets a full range of innovative interconnect devices, including the industry’s only true locking HDMI cable. Perfect Path cables, connectors, and tools offer the same PPC(R) quality that has been enjoyed around the world by cable systems and satellite networks. The competitively priced, highly reliable interconnect solutions allow custom installers and A/V retailers to connect with something better(TM) for increased profits and decreased operational costs. More information is available at


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