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Pittsburgh Pirates Up Their Content Game with Adorama Business Solutions

MLB team Pittsburgh Pirates recently partnered with Adorama Business Solutions to upgrade the team’s videography gear to ensure quality output and continuity across its produced content. Adorama’s team of expert consultants create unique technology solutions that empower public, private, and federal institutions to master their mission.


Jon Willey, VP of Creative and Content, oversees an in-house team of 16 people that are responsible for all the photography, design and video that promotes the Pirates and the work the organization is doing in the community. With responsibilities spanning from in-game show content to social media posts and in-depth storytelling series, the Content team’s goal is to push fan engagement, audience growth and drive brand affinity through engaging experiences.


To achieve these goals while remaining agile and nimble in their day-to-day work, the Pittsburgh Pirates partnered with Adorama Business Solutions to invest in new technology and streamline the team’s gear. With expert recommendations from Adorama, the Pirates Content team invested in a camera package that allows them to produce the highest quality content and tell great stories with a small hardware footprint. The Pirates new content capture kit includes:


  • Sony FX3 Full-frame Cinema Line camera + E-Mount Lens
  • Atomos Shinobi 5.2” Touchscreen HD HDR Photo and Video Monitor with Power Kit
  • Sony ECM-VG1 Electret Condenser Microphone with ACC Kit
  • SmallRig Full Camera Cage with Cable Clamp for Sony FX3 Cinema Camera


“I’ve worked with Adorama for a long time – from my first job in sports photography, to a start-up I founded, and now with the Pirates organization,” said Jon Willey, Pittsburgh Pirates VP of Creative and Content. “I keep coming back because they provide perfect B2B support, included a dedicated account rep that’s totally focused on pro sports. As a customer, we receive specialist knowledge, insight, fast shipping and a B2B site that’s easy to use. I can recommend Adorama to other sports organizations without hesitation.”


One of the first things the Pirates Content team utilized the Sony FX3 camera package for was to send a crew to the Bradenton Spring Training facility in Florida to capture their “Get Better at Baseball” camp. The ability to take high-end videography in a small backpack was a huge advantage for the team.


Additionally, the team also invested in new GoPro cameras that could handle the Pittsburgh winter to capture the arena’s recent renovation. With remote control via the GoPro app, the team has been able to control the cameras without having to climb up on the scoreboard, saving time and increasing safety.


For more information on how Adorama Business Solutions’ dedicated representatives can help your organization plan for technology upgrades and get equipped to master your mission, please visit

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