Platinum Lamps Revolutionizes the Market with the Introduction of High Quality, Affordable, 1 Year Warranty OEM Projector Lamps

Projector Lamp Experts, a leading distributor of projector lamps, has created a new innovative product line called Platinum Lamps. Platinum Lamps offers the lowest prices for resellers on OEM inside projector lamps, with an exclusive, one-year warranty on all purchased products.
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ORLANDO, FLORIDA – In an effort to provide resellers with the highest quality OEM lamps on the market for the most affordable price, Projector Lamp Experts (PLE) today announced their official entry into the projector market with a full line-up of safe and inexpensive ‘OEM inside’ projector lamps, called Platinum Lamps. Platinum Lamps is the only company to provide dealers, resellers and distributors with affordably priced OEM lamps from best-in-class manufacturers like Philips, Osram, Ushio and Phoenix, and to offer a complementary one-year warranty on all products.

“We take lamps from notable manufacturers and build them into housings, or cages, that directly match projector manufacturer specifications,” Wilhelm Mack, Product Manager, PLE, said. “This creates an identical product to original OEM lamps on the market, but at a much lower price-point for resellers.”

Before Platinum Lamps, customers had the option to either purchase expensive, projector-branded lamps, or cheap, poor-performing copy-lamps. “That’s no longer the case,” Mack stressed. “The cost you are saving on cheap lamps is not worth the risk. You’ll encounter factors such as dim luminance, possible damage in transit, electrical faults and hazards, or poor construction. With Platinum Lamps, you can have the best of both worlds: affordability and safety.”

What’s more, Platinum Lamps is the only projector lamp manufacturer in the market to offer an exclusive one-year warranty on their products. “Traditionally, poor quality, copy-lamps have a limited warranty and could be extremely unsafe,” Mack said. “Platinum Lamps offer the market an incredible deal on high quality OEM inside projector lamps, along with that added protection.” 

To ensure success, Platinum Lamps has maintained steady relationships with leading manufacturers of projector bulbs, resulting in significant volume discounts that benefit the company’s resellers. “These existing relationships absolutely benefit our resellers,” Mack said. “By achieving incredible volume discounts from OEM projector lamp partners, we’re able to pass the savings on to our customers. This means more margin for our resellers.”

Since launching, Platinum Lamps now offers over 4,000 projector lamp combinations. “We cover almost 80% of the entire projector market, and have a worldwide network of resellers,” Mack concluded. “We guarantee the lowest prices on ‘OEM Inside’ projector lamps, beating any established competitors' price.”

To become a Platinum Lamps reseller, call 321-430-0177, or send an email to For reseller and trade discount information, please email

About Platinum Lamps

Platinum Lamps, headquartered in Orlando, Florida, offers a 1 year warranty and the lowest price guaranteed on high quality OEM projection lamps. Platinum Lamps uses projector lamps directly from the original manufacturers who supply the world’s projector brands. Using original bulbs from Philips, Osram, Ushio and Phoenix, Platinum Lamps builds them into housings that directly match the same projector manufacturers’ specifications. This creates an identical product to original OEM lamps, but with a lower price-point. Platinum Lamps then passes these onto dealers, resellers and distributors around the world.  Platinum Lamps were created by Projector Lamp Experts, North America’s leading projector lamp distributor. 

About Projector Lamp Experts

Projector Lamp Experts a leading distributor of OEM and Platinum projector lamps.  Supplying dealers, resellers, distributors, service centers with fast delivery and low prices on projector lamps across North America and Europe.




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