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Point Source Audio Named Official Earworn Mic for Largest Show Production Company in Las Vegas

SERIES8 Holds Up to Nightly Action at David Saxe's Famed Shows on Las Vegas Strip

Petaluma, CA — August 26, 2015 —Point Source Audio (PSA), innovator of the one-of-a-kind “Unbreakable Boom” miniature microphones, proudly announces the selection of the CO-8WS Waterproof Earworn Microphone as the microphone of choice for David Saxe Productions (DSP) in Las Vegas, Nevada. David Saxe Productions is the largest show production company in Las Vegas and is home to the critically acclaimed “Vegas! The Show”, “Zombie Burlesque”, the “Mentalist”, and over 30 award winning shows.

David Saxe Productions is responsible for the operations of two major theaters located on the Vegas Strip and other productions world-wide. DSP trusts the technology and innovation from Point Source Audio for their famed shows exclusively when earworn microphones are used. Joe Bresnick, Head of Audio for David Saxe Productions, selected Point Source Audio as their microphone of choice because it can handle the workload. The mics are used for long hours each day and because of the extreme flexibility of the boom, each microphone can be manipulated again and again for use on either ear and adjusted to each actor’s comfort—something that is important to both the actors as well as show management. To see Joe Bresnick’s review of the CO-8WS, visit:

“We tried just about every mic we could find in the $300 to $500 price range,” said Bresnick, “many of these sounded good enough but most had a technical limitation that made a particular piece of gear inappropriate to use in a production that ran seven days a week every day of the year. We tried everything we could get our hands on but only the CO-8WS could reliably handle that workload.”

The CO-8WS is part of Point Source Audio’s SERIES8 collection of headset, earworn and lavalier microphones, which has set a new standard of performance and durability for a micro-sized capsule. The CO-8WS has an upgraded design that features 148dB max SPL, an “Unbreakable Boom” bendable to 360° and IP57 waterproof protection against water, sweat and makeup. The water/sweat proof design and durability of the CO-8WS allows actors to trust the products they are using and strengthens their relationships with the audio techs, as they both know Point Source Audio’s products can sustain the challenge.

Bresnick explained the challenges that the PSA mics face nightly, “In our shows, our singers are also dancers and they’re wearing three layers of costumes, they’ve got a lot of makeup on and that means they’re going to sweat a lot and invariably that sweat is going to find its way to the element of the microphone.” However, he raves “The cool thing about the [CO-8WS] mic is when the sweat does get on the element, all they have to do is get a towel and wipe the microphone off.”

“We are thrilled that our products meet the demanding needs of the audio team at David Saxe Productions,” said James Lamb, President for Point Source Audio. “Our design and engineering goal for the SERIES8 collection was to create mics that are technically accurate while meeting the environmental challenges of live productions.“

Point Source Audio’s SERIES8 headset, earworn and lavalier microphones are constructed to suit the most demanding professional applications for live sound and measure a mere 4mm or less in diameter. More information Point Source Audio’s other industry-leading audio solutions can be found by visiting

About Point Source Audio
Point Source Audio (@PSA_audio) manufactures and distributes worldwide a unique line of live event tech including their patent-pending comm headset; and their SERIES8 miniature microphones, known for their robust bendable boom and waterproof features, and a winner of the 2014 Best Microphone award. As the Digigram Distributor for the Americas, the world renowned brand of Digigram sound cards, and IP audio and IP video networking technology are also available from Point Source Audio. Founded in 2004, Point Source Audio is headquartered in Petaluma, Calif. For more information call (415) 226-1122 or visit Follow the company on Twitter at

About David Saxe Products
David Saxe Productions is the largest show production company in Las Vegas, performing at the V Theater and Saxe Theater inside Planet Hollywood’s Miracle Mile Shops. Owned and operated by famed producer David Saxe, the company is responsible for over 30 premier productions across the world, including “Vegas! The Show.” David Saxe Productions, known as one of the most esteemed production companies in Las Vegas, specializes in all cylinders of the production process including, show production, set fabrication, costume and makeup creation, sales and marketing, and graphic design. With a 40,000+ square foot facility in the southwestern part of the Valley and employing more than 250 people, David Saxe Productions is one of the most renowned and awarded production companies in Nevada. For more information about David Saxe Productions, visit

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