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Polygon Labs Announces Sophisticated New Functionality for Ipsum Weather Data Management and Curation Using Vizrt Workflow

Polygon Labs, an innovative studio pushing the boundaries of interactive data applications and visual branding, has been working closely with several Viz Weather customers to increase functionality to its centralized web-based weather data management and curation solution, Ipsum Weather.

Polygon Labs has added search and browse of weather locations directly from the Ipsum Weather web page. Ipsum Weather is Polygon Labs’ weather data feed aggregation and visualization platform, which seamlessly aggregates any data feed from weather service providers, including point data weather conditions, forecasts, isobars, satellite and radar imagery. It provides a simple, efficient and highly scalable interface for producers and journalists to ingest, manage and curate these feeds from any browser at any location. This new search and browse functionality greatly expands the amount and frequency of conditions and forecast weather point data, adds historical data access and provides improved integration to satellite and model data. It also structures Viz Weather scenes and plugins to seamlessly work with Viz Trio and other Vizrt graphic playout control interfaces. Polygon Labs has also announced that Ipsum Weather is now available as a turn-key annual subscription service that includes the adaptation of customer weather graphics, data service integrations and support.

Ipsum Weather provides a simple way for broadcasters to create weather graphics using Vizrt’s graphics platform and workflow. The solution substitutes the weather database and data fetching functions of Viz Weather, providing the user with a centralized cloud-based weather data feed aggregator, metadata curator and content distributor to applications inside the Vizrt workflow ecosystem like Viz Trio, Pilot Edge, or Viz Mosart. Ipsum Weather ensures all weather conditions data, satellite images and model data are updated and ready to be played in real-time, at any time, using Viz Trio or any other Vizrt playout control application or automation solution. It also provides data feeds and scheduling graphics control for weather crawls, automated alerts and sponsors in master control.

“Ipsum Weather completes the package for news organizations by adding easy-to-use weather visualization tools into the daily newsroom workflow,” explains Eduardo Mancz, GM at Vizrt Americas. “The platform takes full advantage of the Vizrt live production ecosystem from the newsroom to the control room. The combination of Vizrt’s innovative Flexible Access Suites and Polygon Labs’ Ipsum subscription services delivers a powerful, flexible template-based graphics solution.”

David Jorba, Polygon Labs’ Chief Strategy & Business Development Officer adds, “We’ve taken suggestions from broadcasters and added new features to make Ipsum Weather a leading centralized web-based weather solution. This sophisticated new functionality includes full integration with weather data providers, conversion of Viz Weather graphic scenes to output on any Viz Engine, which can then be previewed using any Vizrt control playout tool, as well as training and technical support. We’re delighted that customers including Altice USA, APTN and Chek TV use Ipsum Weather every day for weather content and alerts in their master control tickers.”

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