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Popular Southern California DJ Chooses FBT – Without Even Hearing it First Hand

When you’re a DJ in Southern California, you need a few things to be successful: great showmanship, expansive knowledge of music and a killer sound system. DJ Mike Sanchez will tell you he has all three now, thanks to his new FBT system. After meeting John Krupa, President of Italian Speaker Imports/FBT USA, at NAMM this past January, he bought four Muse 210lLA’s and four Q118SA subs. He says the sound he has now is like nothing he’s ever heard before.

Sanchez, a DJ for 20 years, has been passionate about music – and people – throughout his career. Known for unparalleled customer service, his clients love his willingness to work with them on creating the perfect event, whether it’s a wedding, private party, corporate event or club night,  sometimes accommodating changes right up to the last minute. His company, DJ Mike Events, offers fully produced shows, complete with live bands or orchestras; stellar, computerized concert lighting; trussing systems; and DJs skilled at keeping crowds moving through any affair.

Doing over 60 events a year, the owner of the Buena Park, CA business has been more than successful, but Sanchez wanted something to take his business to the next level. He wanted a sound system that no one else had so, after getting the suggestion from his friend, well-known DJ, Brian S. Redd, he looked for the Italian Speaker Imports booth at the NAMM show. 

“My story is kind of funny,” said Sanchez. “Brian introduced me to John, who was busy with some bigger fish – you know, bigger clients than me – but he took the time to work with me and within a week I was placing my order. I hadn’t even listened to the equipment, but I was impressed with it on paper. I was impressed with John. I was impressed by how impressed Brian was with the equipment and with Italian Speaker Imports as a company. That was enough for me.”

Within weeks of NAMM, Sanchez had his equipment and ran a test at a local club.

“We tried the speakers with the regular settings,” he said, “and they were definitely punchy. But I really wanted to push them to the limit to see what they could do. I knew I’d really want them pumping at an event, so we ran all four bases on the INFRA setting on the back and totally pushed the volume – Well the roof of the place was liquidating. We could have broken it down yet, at the same time, the sound was so crisp and focused. That’s when I knew I bought great stuff. It’s like I’m hearing frequencies I’ve never even heard before.”

The DSP INFRA setting is described on FBT’s website as, “Similar to DEEP as for the extension and absence of distortion. It differs for low pass filter setting at 75Hz. This allows for ground-stacked use of the subwoofer in applications featuring also [sic] a flying subwoofer. Thanks to the all pass filter for phase alignment, the frequency overlap in the 50Hz – 75Hz range for the two subwoofers is perfectly in phase.”

“The modular system Mike built for his DJ business is extremely versatile,” said Jamie Villarie, co-owner of Italian Speaker Imports and a DJ himself.  “Using a Line Array cabinet such as the Muse210LA allows him to adapt from small to large events.  The Muse 210LA can be used one box a side for smaller events and, as the event size grows, so can the size of the array. The same goes for Mike’s choice in subwoofers; the Q118SA is a single 18”, which compliments his choice with the Muse. This subwoofer combines both high output and super-low bass and, as the event size grows, Mike can simply add another set of subs.”

Sanchez, who always prided himself on putting on a great show, says he’s been thrilled to tell potential clients that he has a sound system straight from Italy, something not too many other DJs can say in Southern California right now.

“For me,” he says, “2016 is going to be the year of FBT. I tell my customers, ‘OK, you’ve seen my videos and that’s why you’re hiring me, but for you I’ve got the best sound now – and it’s for your event.’ Customers are really impressed by what I’m telling them, but when they hear how FBT sounds, they’re going to be just as excited as I am!”

DJ Mike events is based in Buena Park California, and covers events from San Juan Capistrano to San Francisco, from the Pacific coast to Las Vegas. 

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