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Powerplay Studios To Host A PMC Hear More Event in Zurich

Musicians and producers in Switzerland will now have the chance to hear the power and clarity of PMC’s award-winning MB3 XBD-A main monitors.

PMC Speakers has added a new date to its Hear More seminar tour, which gives musicians and producers the opportunity to explore the intricacies of its high end professional monitoring systems.

On June 6th 2017 Powerplay Studios In Zurich – home to an SSL 4000 and Walt Disney’s original Neve 8016 mixing desks – will host this hugely popular event, which PMC is holding in conjunction with MGM, Switzerland’s premier pro audio outlet and pro audio manufacturers SPL and Waves.

PMC will be bringing its flagship MB3 XBD-A main monitor system featuring the latest, cutting edge Class-D amplification and unique Advanced Transmission Line design. Attendees will have the opportunity to hear great music and audio throughout the day played through some of finest professional loudspeakers available and hear for themselves why leading artists, producers and studios worldwide regard PMC as simply the best monitors available.

German visionary manufacturer SPL, whose product line-up includes iconic processors such as Vitalizer, Transient Designer and state-of-the-art mastering devices based on its acclaimed 120V rail op-amp designs, will demonstrate its IRON Mastering Compressor and PQ Mastering Equalizer. There will also be a sneak peek into the future of SPL’s mastering and recording products.

Waves complete the line-up with its latest suite of plugins and Soundgrid hardware for both studio and live applications.

Tailored for a wide range of attendees, from those who are already making a living in professional audio field to students who want to learn from the experts, PMC’s Hear More events are free provided entrants register in advance via this link:

All attendees will be automatically entered in a prize draw to win one of several prizes including a pair of PMC twotwo.6 award-winning powered nearfield monitors and an SPL Phonitor mini 20V Rail Headphone Monitoring Amplifier.

Places for this event are limited and will be allocated on a first come, first served basis via the Eventbrite registration page or via PMC at

[email protected]



About PMC

PMC is a UK-based, world-leading manufacturer of loudspeaker systems, the tools of choice in all ultra-critical professional monitoring applications, and also for the discerning audiophile at home, where they provide a transparent window into the recording artist’s original intentions. PMC products use the best available materials and design principles, including the company’s proprietary Advanced Transmission Line (ATL™) bass-loading technology, cutting-edge amplification and advanced DSP techniques to create loudspeakers that present sound and music exactly as it was when first created, with the highest possible resolution, and without coloration or distortion. For more information on our clients and products, see


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