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Presentation Switchers Debuts the PS112 Auto-Sensing Auto-Switcher

Cheney, WA – March 2019… Presentation Switchers, Inc. (PS), a U.S. based audio-visual manufacturing company, is pleased to announce the debut of its PS112 auto-sensing auto-switcher. Building upon the strengths of the company’s popular PS111, the new PS112 features three HDMI® inputs and one VGA input that feed to one HDMI output. This innovative presentation switcher with display control ups the ante by adding higher resolution—specifically 4K—along with a new streamlined, easier process for implementing firmware updates, making the PS112 an ideal choice for collaborative workspaces, corporate boardrooms or training facilities, as well as military / government briefing centers.

Continuing the company’s line of impressive automated presentation products, the 4K PS112 switcher features a front panel interface for manual control over switching and a pre-amplified stereo output for feeding audio to local loudspeakers. Users can select a source by pressing the push-button selector located on the front of the unit or by using an IR (infra-red) remote. By default, the PS112 allows sources to negotiate the preferred output resolution by interfacing directly with the room’s display. An EDID selector feature is used to optionally force sources to output a specific resolution.

Users will be particularly pleased with the PS112’s new firmware upgrade process. Firmware upgrades can now be implemented via USB using a drag-and-drop interface that makes keeping the PS112 easy to maintain in the field.

Phil Hale, President & CEO of Presentation Switchers, commented on the company’s new PS112 auto-sensing auto-switcher, “The PS112 builds upon the strengths of earlier models while adding important new functionality. With support for higher image resolution, this 4K auto-switcher is optimized to deliver stunning visuals while making it easier than ever to install firmware updates via a new USB drag-and-drop interface. Like its predecessors, the PS112 automatically switches to the latest source connected and supports all major laptop and computer resolutions—making it quick and easy to connect to the system and deliver one’s presentation with exceptional picture quality. I’m confidant this new unit will be well received by integrators and end users alike.”

For more information about the PS112 auto-switcher, contact your local manufacturers representative, integrator, audio-visual distributor, or contact Presentation Switchers direct at 800-614-9958 for pricing.

About Presentation Switchers

Founded in 2010 by industry veterans, Presentation Switchers, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of digital presentation systems with sales, marketing, R&D, manufacturing, and assembly located in its Cheney, Washington facility. Presentation Switchers sells to authorized resellers and distributors within the United States, Canada, and through distributors internationally. For additional information, visit the corporate headquarters in Cheney, online at or contact us direct at (800) 614-9958 or +1 (509) 209-9835.


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