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PreSonus WorxAudio Loudspeakers Bring Clarity to Services at CrossRoad Baptist Church

Ames, IA – February 2018… With a message that focuses on building Gospel-centered lives, CrossRoad Baptist Church ( has a wide range of programs tailored to various groups within the congregation—all designed with the aim of helping everyone relate to its teachings. To ensure the best possible sound quality for their programs, church officials recently elected to upgrade their sound reinforcement system. After careful consideration, this led to the deployment of loudspeakers from the WorxAudio catalog offered by PreSonus® Audio Electronics of Baton Rouge, LA.

Communication Innovators of Pleasant Hill, IA, a design / build firm specializing in audio, video, lighting, and acoustics for the church and commercial markets, was contracted to design and install the new sound reinforcement equipment at CrossRoad Baptist Church. Eric Bishop, CTS – AVL Engineer with Communication Innovators, is directly involved in the design and programming aspects for the company’s sound, video, lighting, acoustics, and control systems. He discussed the challenges of the CrossRoad Baptist Church project and his reasons for installing a combination of PreSonus WorxAudio X5i and V5Mi line array systems, along with the company’s TL118SS and TL218SS Super Subs as well as a Wave Series W-12Ai loudspeaker.

“With a congregation size of 400 – 500 people, CrossRoad Baptist has a lively, contemporary atmosphere with one Sunday morning service,” Bishop reports. “In order to ensure they were conveying their message in the best way possible, there was a strong emphasis on intelligible audio and refined music quality for their loudspeaker system—and this is what defined the requirements for improving the acoustics in their sanctuary.”

To address these requirements, the Communication Innovators installation team flew two PreSonus WorxAudio X5i compact all-in-one line array enclosures (for the left – right mains) 9.5 feet off center using schedule 40 pipe attached to the structure. These two enclosures were angled approximately 30 degrees out and 10 degrees down with the bottom trim at a height of 19 feet above the stage. Low frequency support is accomplished with one TL118SS Super Sub and one TL218SS Super Sub. These are flown above center stage in a Hybrid End-Fire array to create a cardioid effect and spaced 5 feet between grills. The rear single 18 sub (TL118SS) is time aligned to be slightly out of phase compared to the front dual 18 sub (TL218SS) to create a cancelling effect above the stage. Both sub bass enclosures are attached to the structure with steel and wire rope.

Augmenting this setup is a single PreSonus WorxAudio V5Mi, which serves as a center positioned downfill enclosure. The V5Mi is aimed to fill in the center front rows where the left and right X5i enclosures drop off. The V5Mi is attached to the structure via Schedule 40 pipe and the cathedral mount. Additionally, there is a single Wave Series W-12Ai loudspeaker that is used for delay purposes. This enclosure is attached to the structure via wire rope and steel and is aimed at the sound booth on the 2 level. All loudspeakers are passive in design and are powered by Ashly amplifiers with Dante network cards. Loudspeaker management is handled by a BSS BLU-50 4 x 4 signal processor with BLU Link, a low latency, fault tolerant digital audio bus of 48 channels, which uses standard Category 5e cabling.

For a project of this complexity, questions inevitably arise. When queried about PreSonus Commercial Division’s customer and technical support services, Bishop was very complimentary. “We worked directly with the PreSonus design team (Jon Taylor and Tony Flammia) to ensure the best coverage possible,” Bishop said. “There were a lot of obstacles to overcome with the wide seating arrangement and the odd structure shape for mounting purposes. Together, we came up with what ended up being the perfect solution, and the client is very pleased with the result! Tony Flammia came on-site to commission the system so that everyone had the ease of mind knowing it was set to the highest standard and that the manufacturer stood behind the install. We were very impressed.”

CrossRoad Baptist Church’s new sound system was installed in mid-August and immediately placed into service. With the project now in the rear-view mirror, Bishop reports a very positive outcome, “A simple demonstration of a single WorxAudio X2 was all it took to convince our client that this was the right and best solution for their requirements. The spoken word’s intelligibility was of the utmost importance and WorxAudio delivers that with ease while maintaining great musical quality that doesn’t fatigue the listener’s ears at increased sound pressure levels. The client upgraded their assistive listening system (ALS) at the same time as this sound reinforcement upgrade. This ALS system was used by patrons on the first week but wasn’t being utilized thereafter. When the client inquired why people were no longer using the ALS, he discovered that they didn’t feel they needed them. Everything was clear and easy to understand in the room given the new loudspeakers and acoustic treatment!”

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