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Primacoustic Ships Hercules Impact-Resistant Panels

Vancouver, Canada (April 19, 2018)—Primacoustic has shipped its new Hercules absorption panels, designed to withstand rough public spaces.

While absorption panels help make loud environments more bearable, not every environment is conducive to their use. Their use in spaces such as gymnasiums and offices can often lead to inadvertent damages since most panels tend to be relatively fragile; with that in mind, Primacoustic reports that its Hercules line was designed to withstand potentially abusive surroundings.

Hercules Impact-resistant panels are manufactured from the same high-density glass wool core as Primacoustic Broadway, but the face of the panel is covered with a rigid fiberglass layer. According to the company, this facing allows the panel to absorb most frequencies, while preventing surface damage from accidental contact.

Of note for office settings, the hardened facing allows for the use of thumbtacks in the panel.

Hercules panels measure 24″x48″x2″ (60 cm x 120 cm x 5 cm) with square edges, and are available in beige or grey acoustically transparent fabric. A box of six runs $699.

Primacoustic (a division of Radial Engineering Ltd.) •

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