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Pro AV Systems Chooses Biamp’s Community IV6 Solution for the Melrose Center for the Performing Arts

Specialist audiovisual integrator, Pro AV Systems, Inc., has completed the design and installation of a Biamp front-of-house sound system using its Community loudspeakers for the Melrose Center for the Performing Arts at Melrose Veterans Memorial Middle School in Melrose, MA.

In addition to delivering a facility for school events, including music and plays, Melrose Center for the Performing Arts is also hired out to provide the wider community with a quality performing arts venue. Unfortunately, the audio has always been a problem, as Pro AV Systems’ David Bishop explained, “Melrose is an aesthetically attractive but acoustically difficult space. The 600-capacity seating arrangement is very wide and deep, with very little space above the stage opening making it impractical for a center cluster. The existing system required the use of a heavy manual setup to provide adequate coverage with mobile fill speakers, which in turn created a difficult working environment for Melrose to be able to easily rent out.”

Bishop continued, “In addition to achieving the required coverage, audio quality and reliability are critical for performing arts, so based on previous experience we chose Biamp’s Community IV6 modular vertical array system. Being a passive system, it delivers a great combination of acoustic purity and long-term reliability, and it’s simple to configure for optimum coverage.”

The new system was designed in-house at Pro AV Systems, by David Bishop and Mary Finn, and EASE® modeling was used to verify the design. Flown with Community IV6 array frames, the system consists of left and right arrays, each comprising six Community IV6-1122 wide-dispersion 12-inch two-way array elements flown below a Community IV6-118S 18-inch subwoofer, which extends the low frequency and adds impressive bass impact. Bishop commented, “Given the infrastructure in the building, finding appropriate rigging points for speakers wasn’t easy but we were able to find two good locations just to the side of the stage.”

Pro AV Systems chose Biamp’s TesiraFORTÉ DAN AI digital audio server to provide Dante digital audio networking and signal processing, with its intuitive software allowing configuration and control for signal routing, mixing, equalization, filtering, and delay. The loudspeakers are powered by Biamp’s Community ALC-3202D Amplified Loudspeaker Controllers, each delivering two channels x 3200W.

In addition to the audio system, with digital mixer, wired and wireless mic systems, Pro AV Systems also designed and installed a large screen video system, with wireless tablet control of both video and audio systems.

Bishop concludes, “The new system has given Melrose performing arts audio with the performance, flexibility and ease of operation required for both school and community events. The sound quality, SPL and frequency response consistency is excellent throughout the audience area.”


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