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Provide Socially Distanced Services this Holiday Season with Maxell Pro AV

As winter quickly approaches, house of worship facilities are beginning to prepare for holiday celebrations with both in-person and online services to help keep congregations safe and healthy. Holiday services typically have heightened attendance, as many return home and celebrate with their family and friends, but this year will look a bit different as churches follow health protocol and remain open with limited occupancy. Whether it’s a small portable church or a large facility, Maxell offers unique solutions for houses of worship of any size to keep congregations safe and engaged for in-person and remote congregations.

With in-person and online hybrid services, it’s more important than ever for house of worship facilities to ensure crisp, clear images, videos and other visual materials as they cater to congregation members sitting further from the projection or watching from home.

“Worship services are an important part of many people’s holiday celebrations and traditions, and we want to ensure house of worship facilities feel equipped to safely host for those who choose to attend in-person,” says Ray Soltys, Director of Sales at Maxell. “We also know there are many worshipers who feel safest at home during the holidays. This can be a difficult solution for many house of worship facilities as they navigate how to provide the best viewing experience for every member. Maxell has worked with many house of worship customers to help provide the best experience for hybrid service solutions, and its vast lineup of laser projectors provides a variety of options to fit any size and style of worship while the new MA-XL1 can easily record, stream, and upload their services easily for virtual viewers.”

In small house of worship facilities, Maxell’s MP-WU5603 3LCD laser projector with 6,000 ANSI lumens brightness and 50,000 hours light source life provides worshipers with high-brightness, high-quality enhanced visuals to accompany the service. With no lamp to change, the MP-WU5603 will last for holiday services to come.

As for mid to large-size house of worship facilities, Maxell’s Professional MP-WU9101B DLP projector features 10,000 ANSI lumens brightness and WUXGA 1920×1200 resolution to ensure a clear and crisp display any time of day without disruption from natural light. The MP-WU9101B has a wide range of lens options for greater installation flexibility.

The MA-XL1, Maxell’s Lecture Capture Collaboration Station works as a multifunctional tool for house of worship facilities to create and upload their holiday service content effortlessly. With up to three inputs—out of ten total inputs available—showing simultaneously during a stream, at-home worshipers don’t miss out on watching the speaker while also viewing the accompanying visuals that those in-person enjoy. Features such as interactive content switching, instant playback and record-stream-upload capabilities make the MA-XL1 ideal for livestreams to keep worships engaged and healthy.

As worshipers determine their own comfort in attending in-person services this holiday season, house of worship facilities can feel secure knowing their technology aids in social distancing practices without compromising the integrity of the worship service. Maxell’s MP-WU5603, MP-WU9101B and MA-XL1 are just a few of the products to help ensure safe services during the holiday season and beyond.

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