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PTZOptics SuperJoy Joystick Offers Flexible Camera Control for Anyone, Anywhere

The new joystick controller from PTZOptics offers network-based or serial camera control for users of any skill level.

Downingtown, PA – February 17, 2021 – PTZOptics, leading manufacturer of affordable broadcast-quality robotic cameras, announces the release of the PT-SuperJoy-G1 Joystick Controller, a comprehensive solution supporting serial and network-based camera control. The SuperJoy puts sophisticated multicamera production control at the fingertips of users of any ability level. Users will have fully featured control over any PTZOptics or HuddleCamHD camera, as well as control of Sony, Birddog, Newtek and other PTZ cameras for select settings.

“There is no wrong use case for the SuperJoy,” says Matt Davis, Lead Engineer at PTZOptics. “We made this joystick to ‘play nice’ with users’ existing setups. We’re trying to make it universal, to work with as many devices as possible. No matter your deployment, this really should fit the scenario.”

Push-button Presets and On-The-Fly Adjustments

The SuperJoy can be programmed with up to 255 PTZ camera presets, including 9 “quick presets.” Users can also create up to four camera control groups allowing them to easily change scenes. The SuperJoy’s four customizable buttons can be programmed to trigger “super presets” that reach beyond the camera, sending custom commands via HTTP, UART, TCP or UDP to network-based equipment including lights, speakers, and displays. Practically any device that can be controlled over IP can be triggered by the SuperJoy.

The SuperJoy offers control well beyond camera position and zoom. Using incremental buttons, the operator can adjust pan, tilt, zoom, and preset speed. The SuperJoy also has knobs to make minute adjustments to zoom, focus, iris/shutter settings, and red and blue gain. This power to fine tune is balanced by the ability to set guardrails on what controls are available. The built-in “basic mode” disables most control other than single-camera joystick control and presets, while “matrix mode” gives the user the ability to call presets for up to three cameras. Regardless of mode, the SuperJoy lights up available buttons for the user. Basic and matrix modes allow volunteers and novice users to participate in video production without fear of making a mistake.

Versatile, Powerful, Accessible

Now available to order for $989 US MSRP, the SuperJoy is designed to address a wide range of applications, production sizes and skill sets. With its versatile presets and fine-tuning capabilities, this solution can bring even the most complex multicamera production under control. The SuperJoy includes a 2-year limited warranty and is available now for pre-order. For product specifications and more information, visit:

Register for Streaming Media Connect 2021 to and learn more about the SuperJoy and other PTZOptics production tools at Paul Richards’s session titled “Droolworthy Streaming Gear You Need Today – And How to Use It,” taking place on February 25, 2020 from 11 a.m. ET / 2 p.m. PT.

About PTZOptics

PTZOptics is a manufacturer of robotic pan, tilt, zoom camera solutions for a variety of broadcast applications, including both video production and live streaming. Established in 2014, PTZOptics disrupted the professional audiovisual industry when a group of engineers from a highly respected systems integration firm created the first in a portfolio of cameras that was a part of their vision to create a “swiss army knife” for the complex needs of broadcast landscapes. Headquartered in Downingtown, Pa., the start-up quickly eclipsed some of the biggest brands in the growing PTZ camera category. With global distribution in more than 50 countries, PTZOptics has produced industry leading resources, including the StreamGeeks livestream series. PTZOptics’s Paul Richards has written several explorative books on industry hot topics, such as “Helping Your Church Live Stream” and “Esports in Education.” His team also produces the quarterly Worship Summit Live, which brings together thousands of church leaders and volunteers across the world. PTZOptics is the sister-company to HuddleCamHD, manufacturers of professional video conferencing cameras. Learn more at

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