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Pure Resonance unveils SD5 ceiling speaker array

Pure Resonance Audio’s SD5 SuperDispersion omnidirectional drop tile ceiling speaker drops today.

New York, NY (October 1, 2020)—Pure Resonance Audio has introduced its new SD5 SuperDispersion omnidirectional drop tile ceiling speaker array, which is now shipping.

The SD5 is designed to provide a 360-degree coverage pattern with 50’ by 50’ of audio coverage without frequency cancellation as it uses specially engineered waveguides to shape the sound as it travels away from the speaker array, eliminating potential nodes. According to the company, the SD5’s reinforced housing and directional vortex porting maximize audio dispersion by reducing turbulence within the speaker system.

With the wide dispersion, the SD5 is intended to take the place of multiple traditional single ceiling speakers, resulting in lower costs and simplified/reduced installation time.

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