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QComm Demystifies $150 million LPTV Repack Question

QComm Demystifies $150 million LPTV Repack Question

Encouraging data analytics indicate the LPTV REPACK allocation may be 100%

Kansas City, MO – February 18, 2020 – QCommunications is a leading engineering, project management and installation vendor specializing in The Spectrum Act (REPACK project). According to Tony zumMallen, QComm President, data analytics support a higher allocation than expected.

“As of February 17, 2020, ~95% or $142M could be attributed to 825 Eligible and Non-Determined stations,” expained zumMallen. “If the trend holds this would be a much higher than expected allocation and a sigh of relief for hundreds of LPTV and translator licencees.”

“So many LPTV broadcasters are inexperienced in the complexity of the application procedure required to determine their eligibility for reimbursement,” zumMallen continued. “At QComm, we not only assist with the entire REPACK process – from needs assessment to transmitter installation to coverage verification – we help broadcasters navigate the paper path and meet all the requirements for reimbursement. We’ve already helped process many millions of dollars and 95% of our LPTV clients have been deemed eligible. And one of the best parts is that our REPACK services are covered for reimbursement, so there is little risk to the broadcaster!”

The Spectrum Act, or REPACK as it is more familiarly known, was designed to re-align the use of broadcast airwaves to suit rapidly evolving consumer demands due to the emergence of divergent entertainment and communications platforms, such as mobile data and the Internet. The shift to new territory allocations and channel assignments has resulted in the need for stations to upgrade, change or redistribute transmission equipment causing significant expenditures that the FCC is relieving with the appropriation of reimbursement funds available to broadcasters that comply with the FCC’s requirements. As part of its service offerings, QComm will assist the customer through the entire process, ensuring they meet eligibility guidelines to receive reimbursements, which could be 100%.

According to the FCC LMS ( there have been 925 applications submitted by LPTV stations for reimbursement as of February 17, of which 782 are eligible, 100 are not, and 43 are considered “not determined”.

“143 LPTV stations, or approximately 15% have either not received final determination for eligibility yet, or were initially denied” added zumMallen. “Although the window may be closing soon for that 15%, we want them to know that there may still be time and a way to help them become eligible. That means REPACK funds would then be available and by my calculations much more than they realize.”

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