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QCommunications Identifies Drones as the ‘Future of Delivery’ on NAB Show Express’s On-Demand Line-up

QCommunications Identifies Drones as the ‘Future of Delivery’ on NAB Show Express’s On-Demand Line-up

Kansas City, MO – May 12, 2020 – QCommunications (QComm), a leading engineering project management and installation vendor specializing in The Spectrum Act (REPACK project), is talking about the present and potential use of drones as a delivery mechanism in a presentation included in NAB Show Express’s “Future of Delivery” on-demand line-up. The session is available as of May 13th and will remain accessible to attendees for an extended time period leading into the 2021 NAB season. It can also be accessed on YouTube by clicking here.

The presentation, which uses an unconventional format to capture the viewer’s attention, focuses on the use of Drones as a safe and effective method to gather data from even the highest towers and deliver accurate information to broadcasters regarding coverage verification, burnout, leak detection, structural integrity and tower load.

Hosted by QComm President Tony zumMallen, the presentation draws on the expertise of CTO John Owen, VP Phil Larsen and features Jason Schreiber – founder of Australian company SixArms, a producer of efficient, accurate and cost-effective measurement solutions via cutting-edge unmanned aerial vehicle technologies. During the video, Drones take on human-like characteristics and field questions regarding their capabilities. The session ends with a summary of the status of REPACK and ATSC 3.0 and features a comical “blooper” segment with the mini aerial characters mapping their own flight patterns.

“Drones have already been used in many industries, including the entertainment and advertising fields,” explained zumMallen. “However, the future of broadcasting can utilize this technology to build efficiencies, provide critical information for broadcasters, and provide proactive reports for planning purposes. We’re delighted to discuss the utilization of drones for Coverage Verifications, Tower Mapping, InfraRed tests for line failure, and other RF measurements in this presentation and talk about cost savings, Repack issues, and critical error prevention. Drones ARE the future system for delivery for tower services to broadcasters.”

The presentation coincides with QCommunications’ recent launch of its AIRBORNE Division, established to answer the growing demand for safe and accurate signal verification via state-of-the-art, custom made sUAS’s (drones) with proprietary RF software as an added benefit and verification tools to serve and support the broadcast industry.

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