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Quincy Owen Solutions Trusts LEA Professional Technology as its Go-To Solution

Quincy Owen Solutions Trusts LEA Professional Technology as its Go-To Solution

 A pioneer in amplifier and audio technology, LEA Professional

is the integrator’s go-to solution for a wide range of installations

 LEA Professional, the fast-growing manufacturer of innovative, high-quality, pro-audio amplifiers with cloud- and IoT-based technologies, has become a core part of a professional audio integrator’s tool kit with the multifunctional amplifiers providing a solution for a wide range of installation challenges.

Judson Bartels, Founder of Quincy Owen Solutions, is a consultant and integrator, who also works as a Pastor. Bartels has been working in the AV industry for the last 21 years and focuses on bridging the gap between the House of Worship sector and the tech sector. On almost all of Bartels’ projects he comes prepared with a ‘tool-box’ of solutions that he trusts and that are multifunctional. This tool box includes LEA Professional’s industry-first technology.

“There are so many advantages to the LEA Professional technology, not just because of the cloud and IoT capabilities, but also the Smart Power Bridge feature, which allows a single channel of the amplifier to emulate the results of bridging two amplifier channels,” commented Bartels. “All of the features are innovative, revolutionary and allow me to serve my clients in new ways.”

For Bartels, when a new client has an issue that requires an on-site inspection, he will almost always automatically bring a LEA Professional amplifier with him because it’s likely to be the solution or form part of the solution to the overall issue.

“I remember having a conversation with a new client that we hadn’t worked with yet in Seattle, and they said their equipment had failed and they didn’t know what the problem was. In situations like that a LEA Professional amplifier is one of my go-to products to bring,” explained Bartels. “Sure enough, their amplifier was fried and within a couple of minutes we had the LEA amplifier in place and had solved the problem. Not only did we fix the issue for the client but we gave them a new technology that allows us to monitor the system remotely through the LEA cloud platform so we wouldn’t need to have another on-site visit.”

Unique within the industry, all LEA Professional amplifiers leverage the built-in Amazon Web Services (AWS) IoT Core. This cloud platform allows integrators to control and monitor critical operational data points that are integral to maintaining system health securely and remotely. The capability delivers greater visibility and response time which enhances preventative maintenance, simplifies troubleshooting and cuts down or even eliminates on-site maintenance requirements. All of this together provides a unique opportunity for new recurring revenue streams for integrators to add to their service contracts.

LEA Professional’s technology helps integrators such as Bartels navigating the COVID-19 crisis. At a time when churches and similar spaces have been shut and access is limited, or there are strict social distancing practices in place, Bartels is still able to monitor the amplifiers through the LEA Professional Cloud Platform.

“On another project a client asked us to change some parameters on the amplifiers but it was late at night and I couldn’t drive down there,” explained Bartels. “Instead they walked around the venue and talked us through what they needed over the phone while I made the adjustments from home. It’s an extremely innovative solution that is valuable to any integrator who can save time and money from eliminating the need for an on-site visit every time there is a maintenance need.”

As spaces begin to slowly reopen and people begin to learn to live in the pandemic, integrators are in high demand with clients reaching out for support.

 “Our phone has been ringing more than ever because people are looking for support right now,” commented Bartels. “As an integrator, I need that support too and LEA excels in this area, I can reach out to somebody day or night on so many different platforms and I get a reply right away — which is really unusual among manufacturers.”

When asked if he will continue to use LEA Professional Bartels commented, “When working with a manufacturer, I look to see if they are competitive on price, performance, and service. LEA Professional ticks all three requirements, and when I find a product like this that I like, I put them everywhere!”


About LEA:

Headquartered in South Bend, Indiana, LEA Professional was founded to provide dealer/integrators in the professional AV market with the highest-performing, best-connected amplifier technology possible. Privately held, LEA Professional is led by industry veterans with proven capabilities on the executive, engineering, and channel aspects of professional AV. The company was founded in 2019 and is organized to be a major force in professional AV. Visit to learn more and follow LEA at,,, and



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