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Radial enters surge suppression market with Radial Power

radial power

Radial Power is a new line of clean surge suppressors from Radial Engineering. Consisting of two models, the new Radial Power clean surge suppressors give musicians, engineers, producers, studio owners, commercial facilities, and anyone working with valuable electronic equipment peace of mind protection from power surges that can damage or destroy music equipment instantaneously.

The line currently consists of two rack-mountable models: A basic version with 11 outlets (8 on rear panel, 3 on front), and a version with 9 outlets (8 on rear panel, 1 on front) that features LED lighting to illuminate rack equipment mounted below in a variety of colors and intensities.

Unlike competitive products that utilize low-quality MOV’s (Metal Oxide Varistor) for surge protection, both Radial Power units are built using a MOV made in the USA. This critical component has been proven to offer superior thermal protection and have a much longer lifespan than the alternatives. Both units utilize shunt mode technology and are non-ground contaminating for lower system noise.

A high-rejection RF interference filter is used to keep high frequencies and AM radio signals out of the power line, preventing contamination of audio signals. Additionally, both Radial Power models include a USB charging port for convenience in keeping mobile devices and accessories charged during recording sessions or performances.

The new Radial Power clean surge suppressors offer a layer of protection and insurance to valuable musical equipment such as consoles, speakers, peripheral rack gear, and more, bringing greater peace of mind to musicians, engineers, producers, facilities and anyone else looking to protect their investment from damage due to power surges.

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