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RCF Adds Smartphone App for VSA Steerable Array

RCF has simplified the control capabilities of their family of steerable arrays for integrators with the addition of the VSA SMART RC SmartPhone remote.

            The RCF VSA are DSP-controlled steerable column arrays designed to control the vertical acoustic dispersion of the speakers to address the audio signal exactly to the listening area, avoiding distributing the acoustic energy to ceilings and empty floors, thus eliminating reflections that would affect speech intelligibility, mainly in highly reverberant critical environments.

            There are three models in the VSA family – VSA850, VSA1250 and VSA2050. Each model is comprised of 3.5” drivers individually powered by 50-watt amplifiers. The difference in the models is the number of drivers – eight in the VSA850, 12 in the VSA1250 and 20 in the VSA2050 – dependent of area of coverage needed. The steerability of cabinets allow for a vertical coverage pattern selectable from 10° to 30° with steerability from 0° to -40° with a horizontal coverage of 130 °.

            VSA SMART RC is an IR remote control module for smartphones that works in conjunction with a dedicated application running on Android OS. With the RCF SMART RC there is access to the three design programs – Easy Beam, Free Beam and Easy Focus. In addition, the app allows to select the proper beaming and tilting configuration, optimize voice and music filters, and set delays times and phase shift as well as volume control, mute and stand-by modes.

            For advanced programming, the RCF SMART RC kit also includes a USB-RS485 adapter with RJ45 connector that allows integrators to hardwire to a PC for management through PC software.

            For more information on the RCF VSA family of products –

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