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RCF Chosen for Pope Francis Visit to Cuba

When Pope Francis visited Cuba in September, RCF was called on to provide voice reinforcement as he addressed believers packed into city squares.

Pope Francis landed in Cuba on September 19 in the afternoon. The next morning he celebrated Sunday Mass and the Angelus in Havana’s Revolution Square, in the presence of more than 40,000 people, who were divided into separate zones for security reasons.

The closes area to the stage was reinforced by eights TTL55-A three-way active line arrays (four per side), plus six TTS36-A high-powered subwoofers in cardioid configuration to keep low frequency anomalies off the platform stage.

On Sunday afternoon the Pope celebrated Vespers inside the Havana Cathedral. An RCF system comprised of eight HDL20-A active line arrays and two SUB8006-AS high-power subwoofers ensured good SPL and intelligibility to more than 2,000 people gathered in the Cathedral’s square.

On the morning of September 21 the Pontiff flew to Holguin, the third largest city in Cuba, where he celebrated Holy Mass in the square, which was filled with an estimated 15,000. That system features 24 TTL55-A along with TTS36-A subwoofers in cardioid configuration.

Back in 2012, during Pope Benedict’s trip to Cuba, the local government had chosen RCF’s TT+ Series to amplify the Mass in Havana’s Revolution Square.

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