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RCF to Debut HDL50-A Line Array at NAMM Party January 22

Big box. Big sound. That’s how RCF is touting the new HDL50-A line array that will be introduced to the U.S.. market at an event taking place in conjunction with the Winter NAMM Show in Anaheim, California on Friday, January 22. The event will be held at The Phoenix Club (1340 S. Sanderson Av., Anaheim). The HDL50-A demonstration will take place from 6-8:30 p.m. and will be comprised of 24 HDL50-A modules plus 12 SUB9007-AS subwoofers. From 8-11 p.m. RCF will be introducing the new TTL6-A three-way line source cabinet. The event will feature live entertainment, DJ, food and drink. For those attending NAMM, transportation will be provided from the convention center. For additional information:

The RCF HDL50-A is an evolution of the popular HDL Series line arrays, an active three-way line array module specifically designed for large events both indoors and outdoors. Equipped with two 12″ woofers, four symmetrical 6.5″ midrange drivers and two 2″ high frequency compression drivers, it offers excellent playback quality and high sound pressure levels with a built-in 4400-watt digital amplifier. Using advanced neodymium magnets and a groundbreaking new housing constructed from lightweight plywood and polypropylene, the HDL50-A has a remarkably low weight of only 106 pounds.

The custom 4PATH designed waveguide allows a precise covers of 90×10, which also delivering a superb, linear high frequency response. The unique shape of the four ducts forming the guide create an ideal isophasic load. Two ND850 large format compression drivers deliver one of the key advantages to the HDL50-A with a 3″ voice coil that allows the ability for RCF to lower the crossover point to 800 Hz allowing these drivers to produce almost all of the vocal range. This allows better coverage and superior efficiency.

Along with the HDL50-A, RCF is also introducing the SUB9007-AS, a dual 21″ active subwoofer. Featuring two high-powered, hyper-vented 21″ neodymium woofers, this cabinet delivers a serious amount of low frequencies. Powered by a 6800-watt digital amplifier, the SUB9007-AS can perform in the most demanding situations.

RCF will also be demonstrating the new three-way TTL6-A line source that has been added to the Theater and Touring range. This high power three-way active line source is engineered to deliver high fidelity output and will serve a wide variety of medium-to-large space applications. The TTL6-A is equipped with two 12″ woofers, four 6.5″ midrange drivers and a 2″ high frequency compression driver powered by four digital amplifiers providing 2200-watts of power and achieving 139 dB maximum SPL.

All cabinets will be controllable via RCF’s RDNet.

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