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Last year, RCF introduced the HDL50-A, an active, three-way large format line array cabinet designed specifically for both indoor and outdoor use. This year, RCF has fulfilled the complete concept of the HDL-50 “system” with the introduction of control and power distribution modules.
     “The demands of modern sound reinforcement systems are higher than even before,” says the RCF engineering team. “Besides pure performance – high sound pressure levels, constant directivity and sound quality – other aspects are important for rental and production companies, such as reduced weight and ease of use to optimize transport and rigging time.” Providing a systemized approach, this also includes proper power distribution as well as signal distribution and control.
     The HDL50-A is changing the concept of large format arrays, providing primary performances to an extended market of professional users.
     The new system is accompanied by a highly-efficient, fully-integrated control package. The system is complemented by the CR16-ND Control Rack and PR-63 Power Rack, each in their own touring cases. This allows for the optimization of large PA systems, controllable via their proprietary RDNet Control 8 and accepting multiple signal formats.
     The Control Rack contains a 16 x 16 matrix processor DX1616, supporting AES-EBU, Ethernet and Dante and outputting the signals through LK25 25-pin connectors.
     The Power Rack contains 63-amp three-phase power distribution, distributed on four LKS 19-pin connectors to the left and right PA hangs, feeding the stage system and subs. A separate 32-amp feed will power the arrays’ motor chain lifts, while six PowerCon cables provide auxiliary feeds to the stage front and side fills and stage monitors. The Rack is linked to the Control Rack via Speakon cable.
     “Taking feeds from the Control Rack these signals are sent via the matrix processor along with the RDNet Ethernet, all tunneled through to the arrays with LK25 cables. With the PowerCon connectors and four LKS19’s in the Power Rack, this system will drive up to 48 HDL50-A and 48 SUB 9007-AS from just four cables. It is the whole justification for having full integration.”
     While the system is designed to operate in tandem with the SUB 9007-AS dual 21” subwoofer, RCF has also produced a flyable bass extension, the HDL 53-AS. Containing three 12” bass units, powered by 3300W Class D digital amplification, it occupies the same enclosure as the HDL 50-A, and crucially extends the frequency range down to 35 Hz.
     The system can also run with the SUB 9006-AS, a smaller solution than the SUB 9007-AS, loaded with two 18” long excursion neodymium woofers with 4” voice coil and containing a powerful 7.200W peak amplifier (3600W RMS).
     As ease of handling, speed of setup and truck pack are all integral segments of the touring industry, HDL-50 system accessories include a transport cart that holds up to four HDL50-A modules designed for easy stage setup and cartage. Integrated mechanics on the HDL50-A allow for the pre-configuration of array splay angles before the cabinets are flown. Front cover wheel boards are available for the subwoofers for protection of transducers and grilles and ease of transport.
     RCF is the first company to implement this level of control sophistication within an active system; no other company has gone this deeply into active signal control.
     The HDL50-A System will be on display at Infocomm in Orlando, Florida June 14-16, RCF booth # 6953

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