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RCF Introduces MZ8060 8×6 Matrix Mixer

In the continued expansion of offerings for the commercial audio market, RCF introduces the MZ8060, a versatile 8×6 digital audio matrix mixer built on the foundation of the company’s RDNet DSP platform.
     RDNet is a proprietary protocol for RCF loudspeaker products that provides dedicated networking software that makes is possible to control and monitor all system components and parameters. The DSP allows for configurable system programming including room combining, automatic level control, along with all audio input and output criteria including EQs, gates, compressors, limiters, delays, priorities and levels.
     The MX8060 features eight universal mic/line inputs with six balanced outputs along with 10 programmable logic inputs and six programmable logic outputs.

            MAIN FEATURES

  • 8 universal mic/line inputs with 48V phantom power and full audio processing
  • 6 hi-level routable balanced outputs with full audio processing.
  • 10 programmable logic inputs (GPI), 6 programmable logic outputs (GPO)
  • 40-bit floating point processing DSP and 48 kHz 24-bit HI-Q Analogue/Digital Conversion, dynamic range > 112 dB.
  • Configurable parametric EQs, gates, compressors, limiters, delays, priority levels, automatic gain control, levels, gains on in-out and cross points, auto-mixer operation.
  • Room Combiner – Each unit can work as a dual-room combiner with independent auto-mixer facility for each room.
  • Configurable ALC (Automatic Level Control) by using Input 8 to connect a noise detection microphone. The control is then assignable to any output or group of outputs.
  • Serial port allows for control of unit form third party system (e.g. Crestron, AMX)
  • USB connectivity on the front panel for an easy device configuration.
  • Linkable – Allows for two units to be linked in master/slave configuration to create a 16-input, 12-output matrix
  • Compact 1 rack unit design.
  • BM 3003 paging mics – Up to 12 BM 3003 mics can be daisy-chained to the system via dedicate RJ45 port
  • Wall mount TS-9918 touch sensitive remote control operational option

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