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RCF Re-Introduces TT22-A II and TT25-A II Cabinets to TT+ Theater andTouring Series

Last year, RCF discontinued the TT22-A and TT25-A active 12” and 15” cabinets in the TT+ Series, as they introduced the upgraded TT2-A and TT5-A versions. Those versions were higher powered and performance, but were also significantly more expensive. With the popularity of the TT22-A and TT25-A models, RCF has re-introduced these products with a number of upgrades to the original versions while able to maintain a similar price point to the originals.

The new cabinet design features upgraded transducers, lowering the crossover point between the woofer and compression driver for greater efficiency, and increased the power handling. The cabinet has been re-designed with additional suspension points, multi-functional monitor angle cuts, a reduction in weight and a more popular 90×60 rotatable horn pattern.

The design philosophy for the new TT+ cabinets is based upon offering the sound engineer solutions and tools that are ready to use. Key factors are the ability to sustain very high power with highly efficient sound pressure levels. The high SPL is created with extremely high definition and extended dynamic range. Modern construction materials result in mechanical weight ratios that are light for practical flying and portability.

Lowering the crossover point from 1200 Hz to 800 Hz allows for a much more efficient cabinet output, allowing significantly greater vocal intelligibility while allowing the low frequency woofer to provide a much truer response without fatigue.

Plus, the new models include RCF’s RDNet on board. With the RDNet protocol it is possible to monitors all the system parameters and components from the input status of each single amplifier.

With the integrated DSP onboard, it is possible to address the individual cabinet or groups of cabinets and create specific presets via the RDNet GUI software as well as to modify parameters such as gain, equalization and delay.

The new cabinets will be unveiled at the 2015 NAMM Show January 22-25 in Anaheim, California.

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