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RCF Releases New RDNet 2.2 Control & Management Software

RDNet is a proprietary protocol for RCF loudspeaker products that provides dedicated networking software that makes it possible to monitor all system parameters from the input to the status of each and every amplifier and transducer module in the cabinets. With DSP onboard of each cabinet, it is possible to address single cabinets or groups of cabinets specific presets or modifications of parameters such as gain, equalization or delay. The RDNet protocol is based on RS-485 communication protocol, is very stable and it is possible to send and receive data on a simple CAT5 or XLR cable.

Version 2.2 of the software includes a number of key improvements and new features including:

* Completely redesigned Offline and Online operating mode for a safe system administration

* Revised mute management logic rules

* Improved RDNet protocol communication and error correction

* Logic ID support for a “Faulty device tolerant” network operation

* Added multi-controller support: up to 20 concurrent Control 8 interfaces allowed to get up to 160 RDNet ports

* Faster “multicast” commands introduced for better control of large systems

* New monitoring features added for safety and evacuation systems

* Elliptic, Bessel and Linkwitz Riley filter types added in user EQ

* Phase curve added to equalization curve.

RCF offers two hardware devices for interface between PC and system. The RDNet Control 2 is a two-channel unit that controls up to 64 devices, while the Control 8 is an eight-channel model that controls up to 256 devices in the subnet. RDNet is available in the RCF TT+ Theatre and Touring Series, as well as the new HDL50-A large format line array. For more information:

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