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RCF Rolls Out New VMAX Series Passive Solutions for Clubs and Live Sound

RCF is now shipping their new lineup of highly advanced passive solutions designed for the club and live sound markets. The VMAX Series offers dedicated models with focused horn directivity designed for both portable and permanent situations demanding performance quality audio, high SPL and long-term durability. Providing very natural sound for both live situations and recorded music playback, the VMAX Series excels in vocal reproduction and incredibly powerful subwoofer energy.

Included in the VMAX Series now shipping are:

V6 – Compact 6″ 2-way cabinet, Freq. response: 60 Hz-20 kHz, 90×60 pattern, 250 watt AES, 124 dB max SPL

V10 – Compact 10″ 2-way cabinet, Freq. response: 60 Hz-20 kHz, 90×60 pattern, 400 watt AES, 131 dB max SPL

V35 – 15″ 2-way bass reflex cabinet, Freq. response: 40 Hz-20 kHz, 90×40 pattern, 900 watt AES, 132 dB max SPL, switchable bi-amp or full range

V45 – Dual 15″ 2-way front-loaded cabinet, Freq. response: 30 Hz-20 kHz, 90×40 pattern, 1800 watt AES, 137 dB max SPL, switchable bi-amp or full range

V218-S – Dual 18″ subwoofer, Freq. response: 30 Hz-250 Hz, 3000 watt AES, 141 dB max SPL, swichable parallel or independent amplification

V221-S – Dual 21″ subwoofer, Freq. response: 25 Hz-200 Hz, 4000 watt AES, 143 dB max SPL, switchable parallel or independent amplification

The VMAX Series incorporates exclusive RCF design and technologies including Precision Hyper-Vented woofers, high power and low distortion neo compression drivers, Constant Matching Design of transducers with lower crossover points to maximize efficiency and output, CMD Coverage Matching Design providing consistent horizontal and vertical pattern control, and their exclusive LICC Crossover System matching amplification and control system to fully optimize performance and long-term durability.

The cabinets are a reinforced construction birch with heavy duty coated weather reisistant polyurea paint, free from any spurious vibrations. The grilles are an epoxy coated heavy duty steel grille, both cosmetically attractive and strong to handle the rigors of both club and portabale use. The cabinets are multi-functional, with the two-way cabinets including pole mount cup and a number of M10 flypoints for permanent installation.

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