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RCF to Launch Massive Outdoor Venue in 2020

With a capacity of up to 100,000, the new venue will be the largest outdoor arena in Italy when it opens in September 2020

RCF Arena

It’s not everyday that an AV manufacturer can provide it’s home country with a history-making venue that will serve generations to come. It’s also a chance to do everything right, at least from an AV standpoint. That’s the plan for the RCF Arena.

With 100,000 seats, the RCF Arena becomes the largest outdoor arena in Italy and one of the largest permanent concert venues in the world. It was created in the area known as Campovolo and will be ready and operational by September 2020, debuting with a concert by Italian singer Ligabue. The venue will allow for a capacity of 10,000 to 100,000 people, with a raked audience floor of 5% to ensure optimal visibility and acoustics. The stage is placed in the lower part of the Arena in a central position and with a maximum viewing angle of 110° – optimal value to allow the public good visibility throughout the entire Arena.

“RCF audio systems have amplified the music of national and international artists in every corner of the globe, and in some wonderful arenas,” says Arturo Vicari, CEO of RCF Group. “The RCF sound is based on the expertise and reliability of a company made up of people and passion. We have just turned 70 and we still want to play.”

The arena will include an RCF TT + permanently installed audio system, the flagship line of RCF audio systems for live events, with 10 additional distributed systems (delay towers) in fixed steel structures, also used as supports for video/lighting equipment. At the same time, the orientation of the system will be optimized to ensure the lowest noise impact towards the inhabited areas of the city.

“We have just turned 70 and we still want to play.” -Arturo Vicari, CEO of RCF Group

The inauguration of the RCF Arena will feature a concert by Ligabue, who lived here some of the best concerts of his career. In 2015 he established a European record when a paying audience of 150,000 — the most for a single artist — heard him amplified with an RCF audio system. Thee return of major international acts is also anticipated, following the 146,000 for U2.

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