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RCF USA Invites Consultans and Contractors to Line Array Demonstrations May 20-21 at Cotton Bowl in Dallas, Texas

(Edison, New Jersey) RCF USA is proud to host the RCF World Tour product demonstration Tuesday and Wednesday, May 20-21 at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas, Texas. This is the only U.S. stop, with RCF providing live sound reinforcement demonstrations of their line array and stadium series loudspeaker products.

“This is a rare opportunity for consultants, contractors, and even prospective customers to be able to see and hear all of the line array solutions offered by RCF and dB Technologies in one place at one time,” notes RCF USA Manager of Installed Sound Ken Voss. “If anyone is looking at the investment of a line array, or at the design of any large sports facility, this is a golden opportunity to explore these solutions.”

Founded in 1949 in Italy, RCF is a renowned manufacturer of transducer products. In recent years, they have become a worldwide leader in line array technology. The storied 80 year history of the iconic Cotton Bowl is a perfect backdrop for the presentation of RCF products, filling the famed 90,000 seat bowl with the sound of RCF.

At the Cotton Bowl event, line array demonstrations will include full flown system configurations, with subwoofers, on the following products:

• TTL55-A – Three-way active line array module with dual 12” low frequency woofers, 10” midrange and three 1.5” neodymium compression drivers. 3500 watt (RMS) tri-amplified achieving 143 dB maximum SPL output.

• TTL33-A – Three-way active line array module with dual 8” low frequency woofers, 8” midrange and three 1” neodymium compression drivers. 1250 watt (RMS) tri-amplified achieving 134 dB maximum SPL

• HDL20-A – Two-way active line array module with dual 10” low frequency/midrange coupled with 3” compression driver. 700 watt (RMS) bi-amplified achieving 135 dB maximum SPL

• HDL10-A – Two-way active line array module with dual 8” low frequency/midrange coupled with 2” compression driver. 700 watt (RMS) bi-amplified achieving 133 dB maximum SPL

In addition, RCF will introduce their new HL Stadium Series passive two-way horn loaded arrays designed for long-throw stadium application. The series will feature three two-way cabinets featuring dual 12” woofers coupled with a 1.5” throat compression driver with 4” voice coil. The cabinets are designed with a 22.5-degree vertical coverage and choice of 40, 60 or 90-degree horizontal coverage. The series is rounded out with a single 18” subwoofer cabinet with same dimensions for array needs. Designed for high output with accurate voice and sound reproduction.

Other products to be demonstrated at the event include:

• TTP5-A – New high powered, two-way 15” point source array engineered to deliver high fidelity output for use both in indoor and outdoor medium and large spaces. The 22.5A°x60A° waveguide provides tight, accurate coverage. 1600 watt (RMS) bi-amplified achieving 138 dB maximum SPL

• TTL11-A + TTS26-A system – The TTL11-A is an active steerable column array system composed of two modules – one for the mid-high and one for the bass frequencies – which is stacked on top of the TTS26-A dual 18” subwoofer. 8000 total watts in the package achieving 140+ dB maximum SPL.

• P5228 – Providing a representation of the RCF Acustica Series of IP55-rated weatherproof outdoor speaker cabinets, the P5228 is a dual 8” two-way cabinet that can be used individually or arrayed for larger environments, as will be demonstrated here.

• TTS56-A – This dual 21” 6800 watt active subwoofer presents “the highest power ever packed into a subwoofer,” achieving 145 dB maximum SPL. These will be demonstrated in partner with the TTL55-A and TTL33-A line arrays as a total system.

• RDNet – RDNet is RCF’s proprietary protocol that makes it possible to monitor all the system components and parameters, from the input to the status of each single amplifier and transducer. Having a DSP on board of each cabinet, it is possible to address single cabinets or groups of cabinets with specific presets or modifications of parameters like gain, equalization or delay. The RDNet protocol is based on RS-485 communication protocol, able to send and receive data on a either XLR cable or CAT5 cable.

And from dB Technologies, we will be demonstrating the DVA Series of products:

• DVA-T12 – 12” 3-way active line array with 12” low frequency woofer, two 6.5” midrange plus three 1” neodymium compression drivers. 1410 watt (RMS) achieving 136 dB max SPL

• DVA-T8 – 8” 3-way active line array with 8” low frequency woofer, 6.5” midrange plus two 1” neodymium compression drivers. 700 watt (RMS) achieving 128 dB max SPL.

• DVA-S30N – Dual 18” high powered subwoofer. 3000 watt (RMS). Frequency response 30-150Hz.

This is a sampling of the products that will be on display to be seen and heard at the Cotton Bowl on May 20-21. Demos will be held approximately every two hours throughout the two days. The Cotton Bowl is the centerpiece of the State Fair of Texas Park, located two miles east of downtown Dallas.

For further information on the RCF World Tour Cotton Bowl event, and to register to attend, please send e-mail to

[email protected]

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