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RED South Beach Thrives with Sound by DAS Audio

Miami, FL – March 2023… Favored by locals and tourists alike, RED South Beach is the place to celebrate life’s greatest occasions or to enjoy the simple pleasure of great food and drink. Named one of America’s Top 10 Steakhouses in addition to Best Steakhouse in Miami, Chef and sole proprietor Peter Vauthy regularly pays homage to classic recipes and impeccable service. To help set the ideal mood, the venue recently had a new sound system installed—and to ensure the best audio performance, loudspeakers and subwoofers from DAS Audio were deployed.

Event Concierge Group, an AV integration firm and special events production house based out of Miami, FL was contracted to install the new sound system at RED South Beach. After consulting with Chef Peter Vauthy to ascertain how the new system would be used, the decision was made to deploy DAS Audio OVI-12 pendant speakers and Q-10 subwoofers from the Quantum Installation Series. Joshua Rose, owner and creative director for Event Concierge Group, discussed the project and his reasons for selecting DAS Audio.

“First and foremost, a fine dining establishment should have a first-class sound system.  Our biggest concern was ensuring the restaurant has a rich and consistent sound throughout the entire space—but at a background level,” Rose explained. “It was critically important that the new system deliver excellent speech intelligibility and full, rich music reproduction. In addition to their sound quality, the OVI-12 speakers were a terrific choice because of their ability to be wall mounted, placed in ceiling structures, or be suspended as a pendant speaker. The Q-10 subwoofer is an equally versatile and compact design that afforded us a tremendous amount of flexibility as we determined where and how to deploy the various speakers.”

Ultimately, the ECG installation crew installed a total of 24 OVI-12 loudspeakers and 16 Q-10 Quantum subs throughout the venue—all hanging from the ceiling. According to Rose, “In total, there are seven zones: the wine room, a private glass enclosed space with an 80-inch television, two smaller glass enclosed private dining rooms, the outside seating area, the restrooms, as well as the kitchen, for staff to enjoy.”

With their sound quality and versatile deployment options, the DAS Audio OVI-12 loudspeakers and Quantum Q-10 subwoofers offered Rose the ability to install a low-profile sound system that performs as designed. “In addition to the need for solid music reproduction capability,” Rose said, “the space routinely gets rented to corporate clientele for talks, meetings, and similar business functions. For this type of application, if the person leading the meeting and other personnel can’t clearly be heard and understood, nothing gets accomplished. Another reason was aesthetics, these speakers disappear into the black ceiling and make the entire place feel warm and inviting.”

Given the complexities of many sophisticated AV installations, questions frequently arise. Hence, the ability to receive capable and timely customer service and technical support responses is important to keeping a project on schedule. Here too, Rose was very pleased with DAS Audio. “Having DAS in the local area has made customer service and support one of the best relationships we have cultivated,” Rose reports. “Our clients benefit from this relationship by getting superb customer service and tech support is always ready to assist. It’s been a very positive experience, even if the client is out of the local area. The client still benefits by us being so close to DAS.”

The DAS Audio installation at RED South Beach took place in July 2022 and since that time the system’s performance has received rave reviews from all who experience it. “We are a tenacious group of designers and installers,” Rose said, “and we always go above and beyond to exceed our clients’ expectations. This system is all networked through Dante® and is capable of handling more than will likely ever be required of it. When it comes time for the client to need or want more, this system is ready, and that provides RED South Beach with the ability to meet any production requirements of their clients—powered by DAS Audio – Sound with Soul.”

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