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Renewed Vision to Launch ProPresenter 6 at 2015 NAB Show

Multi-faceted presentation package enhances live and broadcast productions with exceptional video quality, tight social media integration and advanced content editing

ALPHARETTA, Georgia, March 30, 2015 — Renewed Vision’s ProPresenter software has long been the go-to platform for high-resolution display of visuals, lyrics, and dynamic information across one or more screens for live audiences. At the 2015 NAB Show, Renewed Vision will evolve the storytelling and production capabilities of ProPresenter for broadcast studios, sports venues and live corporate, worship and entertainment events, with an array of new tools and features that amplify the way live production teams present dynamic, high-quality content.

Like previous-generation versions, ProPresenter 6 is, at its core, a cross-platform (Mac and Windows) lyric, slide, and media presentation package. It remains the lowest cost system of its kind, merging dynamic multiscreen software with off-the-shelf computer hardware to make high-quality live productions simple and affordable. In a typical application, operators control a presentation on one screen, while dynamically affecting the visuals and lyrics experienced by audiences on one or more additional screens. Outputs are always live, allowing operators to edit one presentation as audiences view another—eliminating the complex nature of working across separate editing and presentation applications.

However, ProPresenter 6 boosts live production capabilities in broadcast, sports and professional AV environments through enhanced video presentation quality and richer content editing tools.  Additionally, ProPresenter 6 bolsters social media management with moderated Twitter and Instagram support, integrating both platforms into a single search field to more easily manage, and approve, a continuous flow of social media content in real time.

“ProPresenter 6 is built to help our customers tell their stories in the most engaging way possible, and with the quality and professionalism required for the most demanding live applications,” said Brad Weston, president, Renewed Vision. “With a simple user interface and a revamped video engine, broadcasters and production teams can be up and running within minutes while powering dynamic, multiscreen content to audiences of all sizes, whether in a local venue or broadcast.”

At the 2015 Show (April 13-16, Las Vegas Convention Center, Booth N8619), Renewed Vision will demonstrate the new features that elevate the live production capabilities of ProPresenter 6.  These features include:

  • Next-generation video engine:  ProPresenter 6 can instantly import and natively play videos of most codecs, with the ability to set I/O points, adjust color/brightness/volume, add dynamic video effects, and crop/zoom videos dynamically within the software. 
  • Multi-layered architecture:  Slide flexibility enables independent control of backgrounds, live video layers, slides, props and masks, with seamless transitions from one element to another in any layer. Individual slide elements (including text, shapes, dynamic HTML5 windows, text tickers, or live video) can be cropped and scaled for custom presentations, and transitioned in and out individually.
  • News and sports tickers:  ProPresenter 6 can create dynamic slide tickers for live TV channel-style scrolling across the screen. Additionally, logos and bugs dynamically populate in the bottom right corner or on demand, independently of any other content being displayed. Telestration tools can be used both within the interface, as well as with an optional iOS app.
  • Mobile control:  The iOS remote app enables control of ProPresenter content, including social media moderation and telestrator tools. Also, a Stage Display app empowers operators to communicate information on clocks, timers, current and next slides, and stage announcements to other personnel positioned around the venue or studio.
  • Optional modules: ProPresenter 6 can incorporate broadcast-quality CG key and fill channels, widescreen display projections with edge blending, and the simultaneous output of targeted content to multiple, specific displays. Additionally, operators can control multiple ProPresenter 6 platforms from a single computer; as well as bidirectional control to and from broadcast video and lighting protocols.

The full ProPresenter 6 feature list can be found at:

About Renewed Vision

Founded in 2000, Renewed Vision’s mission is to offer reliable, purpose-built production software that enables organizations—spanning from churches to corporations—to create dynamic media experiences that enhance worship services, meetings and other special events. For more information on our product lines, including ProPresenter, ProVideoPlayer and ProVideoServer, please visit our website at

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