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As Restaurant Patrons Crave Quieter Dining Environments, GeerFab Acoustics Delivers Greater Speech Intelligibility and Quieter Atmosphere

Excessive Noise Remains a Top Complaint Among Diners, and Acoustic Designer Eric Geer Intends to Remedy This One Restaurant at a Time

Milwaukee, August 20, 2014

: Without great conversation, even the most exquisite cuisine can be reduced to mere mediocrity. According to a leading restaurant survey, excessive noise can be a close second in the complaint department, directly after poor service. While most diners register excessive noise as a nuisance and possibly refuse to patronize establishments that are unable to control themselves, Eric Geer, president and founder of

GeerFab Acoustics

considers this an opportunity.

Since starting his successful acoustic design company six years ago, acoustically retrofitting res-taurants has represented a very significant part of his business, eclipsing even that of recording studios and live music environments. His company has had a hand in reducing noise at a wide variety of restaurants and other hospitality-driven establishments, including Bartolotta’s Harbor House on Lake Michigan, Simple Café in Lake Geneva, WI, and Café 1505 in Mequon, WI.

“Almost everyone I meet has had an otherwise enjoyable dining experience ruined by noise caused by simple conversations amplified by an unsuitable acoustic environment,” says Geer. “Restaurant owners are usually aware of these issues but they either don’t know what steps to take or are afraid of the potential costs involved to remedy them. Very often, improving these acoustics is less expensive than they thought and leads to significantly increased business and repeat customers.”

Over a decade ago, the San Francisco Chronicle became the first daily newspaper to include noise ratings in its restaurant reviews, and the topic of noisy restaurants has been covered in fea-ture articles in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times and dozens of other high profile national print and broadcast outlets.

According to Geer, acoustic problems in restaurants usually emanate from an overabundance of reflective surfaces, which can often convey a streamlined and fashionable visual aesthetic while wreaking havoc on speech intelligibility. However, most acoustic problems can be resolved by integrating well-designed acoustic materials, enabling patrons to enjoy rooms that are both visu-ally attractive and sonically pleasing.

GeerFab’s custom solutions are tailored to the acoustic requirements and design parameters of the individual space and blend seamlessly into the existing interior design. A typical installation can reduce decibel levels by 10 dB. In fact, according to the House Research Institute, if you have to raise your voice to be heard, you are likely in an environment with decibels exceeding 85 dB, which can lead to hearing loss.

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About GeerFab Acoustics


GeerFab Acoustics implements acoustic solutions for a wide range of clients in the entertainment, restaurant, hospitality, healthcare and other industries. The company provides complete custom design and installation services and is the manufacturer of the RoomZorber line of acoustic prod-ucts. The company is based in Milwaukee, WI and was founded by Eric Geer. To learn more, visit


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