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Revolution Acoustics Brings Lower Cost, Improved Performance to Sound Masking

Completely invisible installation provides uniform, comprehensive coverage to large workspaces; fewer units are needed.


InfoComm 2019, Booth 4187 – Revolution Acoustics is “disrupting the sound masking channel” with its SSP6 Multiducer, an invisible speaker solution which brings constant-SPL, uniform coverage to sound masking installations at a considerably lower cost than traditional solutions.

SSP6 Multiducers from Revolution Acoustics


When installed in sound masking applications, a single SSP6 Multiducer will cover up to 1000 square feet without hot spots, dropouts or other variations in the signal, and it may be used for paging in addition to sound masking. “High-end sound masking integrators are telling us the SSP6 not only provides a more consistent sound masking signal throughout a facility, it is installed much more quickly and easily than other systems they’ve used,” said Bob Katz, Revolution Acoustics CEO. “This patented solution is truly disruptive technology as it eliminates the need to drill hundreds of holes in ceilings, and provides more uniform coverage. One SSP6 unit provides comprehensive sound masking coverage superior to that of up to 9 traditional units in the same space.”

Katz says the cost savings provided by the Revolution Acoustics SSP6 come via not only reduced speaker costs but through much lower speaker cabling requirements and significant reductions in installation time. “There’s also the matter of room aesthetics,” said Katz. “Traditional sound masking systems are very visible, with potentially hundreds of units dotted all over the ceiling and interfering with the clean, uncluttered look the end users want to have. The SSP6, on the other hand, cannot be seen at all.”

The Revolution Acoustics SSP6 installs inside hard ceilings or in drop ceilings (using the Ubiqui-T360 Acoustic Ceiling Tile adapter), providing a completely invisible installation. The ability to seamlessly transition between rigid and acoustical tile ceilings, with no changes in the sound masking signal, gives integrators a simpler way to bring sound masking to challenging office environments. Installation is further simplified with the use of the Revolution Acoustics RevNet 2140 amplifier, which incorporates a customizable sound masking signal generator.

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