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Glendale, CA, July 22, 2008 – Video Equipment Rentals (VER), a national AV, audio, broadcast and computer equipment rental company, has transitioned RF Central, a leading microwave technology provider and brand of The Vitec Group, from news production into mainstream television production, using its equipment for broadcasting NBC’s popular “American Gladiators”? and “The Biggest Loser”? programs.

As a leading rental provider responsible for designing the installation of wireless camera systems, VER provided four RFX-CMT wireless camera transmitters and four RFX-X6 diversity receivers in order to ensure all of the action taking place during the broadcast of “American Gladiators”? was captured efficiently and effectively.

Wayne Miller, general manager at VER’s Glendale, CA office, says that RF Central was the ideal choice for delivering quality coverage in such a demanding venue. “We had to transmit signals in a highly congested stadium located in downtown LA that was surrounded by concrete walls and a tank of water,”? explains Miller. “The only system that could do this consistently while also producing great images was RF Central’s.”?

He adds, “RF Central’s COFDM technology helps alleviate and overcome the congestion issues that you typically face when dealing with wireless products in 2.4 and 5.8 GHz frequency bands which is key for smooth production. RF Central offers low latency and the lowest power consumption in their product category.”?

In addition to the benefits using RF Central equipment for “American Gladiators,”? VER also found RF Central to be an asset for the production of “The Biggest Loser,”? which also employed CMT wireless camera transmitters and X6 six-way diversity receivers.

Miller says that the production company behind “The Biggest Loser”? has been using RF Central products for the past three seasons after turning to VER last year in search for a better wireless system. Upon learning of the specific needs for the high-end production, Miller knew that RF Central was the obvious choice to meet and exceed the challenge.

“‘The Biggest Loser’ requires comprehensive coverage on both the inside and outside of the facility,”? says Miller. “You have several cameramen dispersed over a large area, each of whom is transmitting wirelessly to one village hub that monitors what each camera person is doing at any given time and in any given location. All of the action must be viewable at all times, so loss of signal is of big concern. RF Central is able to provide a strong level of reliability, covering every area of the set, whether it is the bedroom, kitchen or stairwells, without breaking down or breaking up.”?

While both shows are different in nature, Miller says their underlying broadcast challenges are very similar. “Both productions involve lots of people running around with lots of cameras throughout very large facilities with lots of nooks and crannies. Many of these areas present large masses that can interfere with transmission. You don’t need to worry about these issues when using RF Central gear.”?

In addition to finding great performance in RF Central’s products, VER has also found tremendous value in RF Central’s customer service. “RF Central has shown the best service of any wireless product manufacturer we’ve ever dealt with,”? says Miller. “Its team has always been there to support us. They are eager to listen to our feedback and about our needs, which they end up incorporating into their next generation models. RF Central is always designing products with the user in mind.”?

About RF Central

RF Central, LLC manufactures and supplies state-of-the-art microwave equipment to television broadcast and government customers throughout the United States. As one of the premier suppliers of broadcast equipment required to complete the 2GHz BAS transition, RF Central has grown from a few employees in 2005 to over 60 full-time dedicated professionals today. Located in Carlisle, PA, RF Central also provides specialized integration, installation, and engineering services. RF Central is marked by its unique qualifications within the industry, its focus on customer service and its dedication to expanding and improving the terrestrial microwave options available to customers. RF Central, along with Nucomm, Inc. and Microwave Service Company, form The Vitec Group RF Systems business unit, part of The Vitec Group Broadcast Systems Division. For more information, visit


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The Vitec Group plc is acknowledged as a global leader in the supply of equipment and services to the broadcasting, entertainment and photographic industries and has established a reputation for technical excellence and superior engineering along with an astute business strategy which has seen it grow by acquisition. Innovation is a cornerstone of the Group’s activities and the organization is committed to a policy of continuous product development. With revenues (2007) of $546m (A£274m) and over 2200 employees world-wide, its products are distributed in almost 100 countries, through a strong, fully-resourced distribution network or direct to the end user or corporate customer. More information can be found at


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