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RF Venue Releases Second Generation Fiber Optic Antenna Distribution System

Wireless audio manufacturer RF Venue, Inc. has released the second generation of its popular OPTIX™ system.

ASHLAND, MASSACHUSETTS – JANUARY 2016: Wireless audio manufacturer RF Venue, Inc. has released the second generation of its popular OPTIX™ system, an affordable RF over fiber platform that allows the remote placement of wireless audio antennas using single-mode fiber optic cable.

OPTIX consists of two modules: a transmitter placed at the remote antenna site, and a receiver at the rack or FOH location. Both modules have been redesigned with new components, connectors, and enclosures for improved performance and ease of use.

“OPTIX has been very well received by audio professionals who want to eliminate lossy, expensive coaxial cable from their wireless systems,” said RF Venue CEO Chris Regan. “The second generation maintains the superb dynamic range and quality of the RF signal, while adding industry standard connectors requested by many users; All at the same affordable price — far below custom fiber alternatives.”

The revised OPTIX offers female BNC connectors for all RF/antenna connections, and ST/UPC optical connectors for fiber-optic cable connections. Additional signal and power indicator lights have also been added.

“The new connector types allow you to plug coaxial cable from remote antennas directly into the transmitter module without adapters,” says Regan. “And ST terminated fiber ensures compatibility with the majority of fiber inventory already in place at AVL companies.”

Both second-generation OPTIX modules include DC power supplies, and are mounted in enclosures of identical proportions for additional flexibility in rack deployments. A package is available that includes two of each module for the distribution of diversity antenna systems. OPTX1 (single channel) is priced at $799 MAP, and OPTX2 (dual/diversity channel) at $1,599 MAP. For ordering information or to join the fast growing community of RF Venue authorized dealers, go to or call 1-800-795-0817.

RF Venue designs and manufactures innovative products that make wireless audio systems work and sound better, specializing in remote antennas, RF distribution equipment and RF signal management and monitoring systems for audio/video installations and live sound events.

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