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Rockustics Introduces Updated Surround Stone Speakers

Rockustics, an MSE Audio company, has re-engineered its Surround Stone products for improved dispersion characteristics. New models include transformers.

Rockustics, a sister company to SoundTube Entertainment, has unveiled a new design for its Surround Stone™ products. Re-engineered for improved dispersion characteristics and incorporating transformers for commercial applications, the XT-Surround Stone™ 5 & XT-Surround Stone™ 8 bring a more uniform sound, tighter bass and improved water resistance to these omnidirectional (360° horizontal) speakers.

The new XT-Surround Stone models are available in two sizes: 5.25” coaxial and 8” coaxial. Like all Rockustics Rock speakers, the XT-Surround Stone products are constructed of a proprietary resin mixed with marble dust for extreme durability; the speakers’ sealed systems provide strong water resistance. The products are available in three standard colors; the color is impregnated in the resin so it remains consistent throughout the rock, maintaining a realistic appearance even if the rock surface becomes chipped.  A 64 watt transformer is provided in the XT-Surround Stone, which is sold via SoundTube reps and dealers; models without transformers are also available from Rockustics.

“Rockustics products have been used for years in the commercial market, and nicely complement the XT outdoor products from SoundTube,” said Ken Hecht, MSE Audio VP of R&D. “They blend in seamlessly with real rocks in amusement parks, hotel courtyards and patio areas, themed venues, zoos and more. This new design will provide great sounding music and announcements in any outdoor commercial application.”

Rockustics products are made in the USA. /

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