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RoseWater Energy Launches New Consumer Website

SUNRISE, FL – May 16, 2022 RoseWater Energy Group, who provides the Hub, an all-in-one solution to clean power, surge protection, solar battery storage, home battery backup with remote monitoring and redundant industrial-grade systems, is excited to announce the launch of their new consumer-focused website.

The new website is now live and provides features about RoseWater and its products in a straightforward, easy-to-understand format. The dealer-focused content is now available via a login portal on the new website.

“The new website allows consumers to experience a more intuitive and streamlined experience,” said Joe Piccirilli, CEO and managing partner of RoseWater Energy. “We reimagined the web experience for our integrator’s clients, so they have a better understanding of our how our products are sold and the benefits the Hub and clean energy bring to their home or office. We used feedback from our dealers to develop this feature-rich asset and the response is overwhelmingly positive.”

Dealer/integrator-specific information and tools are now available via the dealer password-protected login portal of the website. The login page has an email link for integrators to request access to this information if they are not currently a RoseWater customer.

To learn more about the benefits of clean power, connect with RoseWater Energy Group on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, and listen to The Next Generation of Energy podcast on Spotify or iTunes.

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About RoseWater Energy Group

RoseWater Energy Group understands that Power is the Foundation™ for any smart building. RoseWater designs and manufactures an all-in-one solution to clean power, while providing surge protection, solar battery storage, home battery backup with remote monitoring and redundant industrial-grade systems. RoseWater enables residential and commercial integrators to reduce or eliminate the plethora of unnecessary client service calls due to power issues and deliver home and business owners peace of mind.

Committed to building Simply the Best™ energy management and battery storage system on the market, the RoseWater Energy Hub is built with full power conditioning, zero-transfer-times between power sources, and can take a bolt of direct lightning hit without missing a beat. RoseWater works with their clients to design, build, integrate, and manage a custom Power Plan™ specific to their needs. For more details visit

Press Contact: Coleen Sterns Leith, Marketing Matters, Tel: 954-925-1511 ext. 1, Email: [email protected],

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